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Wikileaks lawyer: "Courage is Contagious"

Jennifer Robinson’s reply to a request for an interview was to the point: 
“Happy to be interviewed. I am in Moresby for the rest of the week  (unless I am deported or arrested which is a real possibility).” 59 more words


Employer's "crazy" excuses for not paying the minimum wage

The taxman is seeing employers trying to make up “crazy” excuses for not giving their staff the minimum wage, including one who claimed their employees were not entitled to be paid properly because they did not speak English. 66 more words


HMRC to sell taxpayers' financial data to private companies

HM Revenue & Customs, the UK’s tax authority, is planning to sell taxpayers’ financial data to private organisations.

Treasury minister David Gauke is overseeing the plans and the government insists that safeguards against the release of personal data, which will be sold to companies, research organisations and other public bodies “where there is a public benefit”. 53 more words


Equality and Human Rights Commission focuses on protecting people most at risk

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has set out a programme to tackle entrenched inequalities and protect human rights in Britain.

The Commission’s Business Plan sets out a range of projects it will be undertaking. 316 more words


UK network of roadside surveillance cameras pose a 'privacy threat'

The Government’s new Surveillance Camera Commissioner, Tony Porter, says there is a “very real risk” that members of the public are having their privacy invaded by the UK’s network of roadside surveillance cameras. 73 more words


China tries to stop Hong Kong building Tiananmen Square Museum

The world’s first permanent museum dedicated to China’s Tiananmen Square massacre is hoping to open – sparking tensions in host city Hong Kong.

The planned opening comes ahead of a key anniversary of the bloody crackdown, which saw hundreds killed when… 458 more words