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Dystopia: Real or Not Real?

Yesterday, I finally got around to watching Mockingjay (Part 1), the final instalment of the Hunger Games trilogy.

Although this post will focus less on the plot than on several interesting observations I made, I’ll do the honors of making a brief statement on what I thought of the movie as a whole first: as someone who did go through the ‘Hunger Games’ phase and yes, did have a major crush on Finnick for the longest time, the movie did bring back the memories of my literary obsession. 604 more words

Zakat Funds to cover Egypt’s Deficit*

Zakat Funds to cover Egypt’s Deficit*

A board member of the newly formed Egyptian Zakat and Sadaqah Fund, Momtaz El-Saeed, has confirmed that the government is considering investing… 420 more words


U.S. to continue destroying Afghanistan in 2015!

From Slate here:

President Obama reversed course on his previous decision to end American troops’ combat role in Afghanistan by the end of the year.

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Letters to the World: Cuba

There’s nothing I’d love to see more for you, Cuba, than a complete turn-around . . .

. . . for those who oppress religious freedom to become channel of peace.

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Türkiye'de Yeni Nesil Irkçılık ve Kavramları Bükmek

Geçmişten günümüze kadar topraklarımızda etnik veya dini azınlıkların hedef alındığı birçok acı hadise yaşandı. Ermeni soykırımı iddiası, 6-7 Eylül olayları, Dersim İsyanı, Maraş Olayları ve şu an aklıma gelmeyen azınlıkların yaşadığı birçok elim hadise… 756 more words

Human Rights

WANTED: Human Rights Lawyer to defend freedom of gender, sexual and creative expression

The transexual artist, Paola Revenioti, had a photographic exhibition on 20 November 2014, depicting the naked bodies of trans and gay individuals. Citizens complained about the content and the Cyprus state police walked in, without notifying anyone, and charged the organisation for publicly displaying obscenities: namely, penises. 544 more words