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Workers Protest Over Reps Summoned to Court

By Eang MengLeng, The Cambodia Daily, 24 April 2014

Human Rights

Haiti in the Shadow of Cholera - NYTimes.com

The problem of ending Haiti’s cholera epidemic does not stem from an absence of planning. There is a 10-year plan to eradicate cholera from Hispaniola, the island Haiti shares with the Dominican Republic, by 2022. 137 more words


Mono Religion Countries ! / Women ! / Radicalization.

” We can protect ourselves and our children if we understand what the others think about us..”

Despite the presence of human rights advocates and agencies,the UN and various universal women movements,women in these one religion countries(where there is not even one Christian, Buddahist,Jew or Hindus citizen.)Saudi Arabia ,Afghanistan ,Yemen and Somalia ,women are deprived of their basic human rights.Women are subject to honor killing,forced marriage,,violence domestic abuse,arbitrary divorce and stoned to death if they are accused of adultery.Yet they boast that they have pro equality and justice religion.That they denounce terrorism , intimidation and reject radicalization ,bloody chaotic demonstrations against whoever expose their reality.Despite being one religion countries they are divided into tribes and sects fighting and destroying each other. 21 more words

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RISK CASE STUDY: NZ death in custody. Officer didn't respond to alarm, send anyone, or record alarm. Didn't tell incoming shift | TVNZ

Ms Kingi died of an undiagnosed heart condition. Before dying she rang her cell alarm, but the guard on duty was too busy to respond, did not send anyone to check, did not record the alarm and did not refer it to the incoming shift. 36 more words


Security guard affected by the thick smoke from MCC refinery

Mystery deepens regarding the story by John Bivi in the National Newspaper about pollution from the Basamuk refinery polluting local food crops and the gardens. 183 more words

Papua New Guinea