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American Sniper: Honoring A Fallen Hero or Whitewashing a Murderous Occupation?

Journalist Max Blumenthal says the Clint Eastwood’s film American Sniper promotes lies falsehoods about Navy SEAL Chris Kyle along with the US invasion and occupation of Iraq, which killed an untold amount of Iraqi civilians, left the country in ruins and paved the wave for the rise of ISIS


Kiev takes path of war, selective approach to condemning civilian deaths – Churkin

RT | January 27, 2015

Ukrainian authorities are not making any efforts to hold a national dialogue, and are instead opting for military pressure and the isolation of eastern regions, Russia’s UN envoy said, accusing Kiev of being selective over which civilian deaths to mourn.

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Arguments in Britain for the Abolition of Slavery

As England neared its abolition of slavery, different arguments were presented by those of the public who wished to end it.

  1. Human Rights – This argument pointed out the ideas of Locke, the Levelers and other philosophers who have spread the idea that human beings have natural rights; you own yourself, and so you have a right to live and keep the fruits of your labor.

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CIA drone kills twelve-year-old Yemeni child

This video says about itself:

Drone attacks in Yemen mostly hit civilians

17 July 2013

US drones strikes in Yemen nearly tripled last year compared to the year before, from 18 to 53, according to the New America Foundation, a Washington-based think tank.

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Human Rights

FOIA Documents Reveal Massive DEA Program to Record American’s Whereabouts With License Plate Readers

By Bennett Stein & Jay Stanley | ACLU | January 26, 2015

The Drug Enforcement Administration has initiated a massive national license plate reader program with major civil liberties concerns but disclosed very few details, according to new DEA documents obtained by the ACLU through the Freedom of Information Act.

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Opinion: Canada must use all diplomatic resources to help free Raif Badawi

While Stephen Harper’s government is lauding its zero tolerance for barbaric cultural practices bill, Saudi Arabian free speech advocate Raif Badawi was given on Jan. 9 the first 50 of the 1,000 lashes that he has been sentenced to receive over 20 weeks. 549 more words


Dempsey’s Attempt to Honor Dead Saudi King Backfires

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey is sponsoring an essay contest at the National Defense University meant to honor the late Saudi King Abdullah, a man he said possessed “remarkable character and courage.” It’s having the opposite effect, with critics using the competition to pounce on the king’s shoddy human rights record. 448 more words

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