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If the World was a Spacecraft

If the world was a spaceship, a lonely speck of a dot in the incomprehensibly infinite universe, would we still waste resources and exploit like we do on earth? 89 more words

Is Our Democracy Good Enough?

The elections this week had me reflecting on democracy.

I find much of electoral politics to be madness.

I also find both parties’ political agendas to be frustratingly incomplete. 531 more words


Human experience

Souls connect on a different level when they’ve mastered the art of human survival. They then seek out others so the wisdom can be shared. To have come close to death is to know the joy of the human experience. 146 more words

Basic Instinct

Last night I watched Force Majeure by Swedish director Ruben Ostlund. It raised some interesting questions about morality and our basic instinct for survival.

How would you react in a crisis?  465 more words

Nature And Landscape

On Why You're Hooked

Here’s the thing; if you have the ability to read this (access to a computer, literacy, clothes (I’m guessing)) then I can guarantee you that you can probably move off the grid and live a long a healthy life supporting your partner and children in a much more holistic and natural setting that’s infinitely more conducive towards happiness, health, introspection and oneness with our surroundings. 386 more words


The Federal Reserve Bank is a private bank; your life is a lie

In the spirit of not making my posts too academic and long-winded, I’m just going to highlight the main points that fall under the title and add some links for further reading if you’re interested. 291 more words