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Desalination of the Future

In a world increasingly plagued by frequent drought and water pollution, the technology of water desalination may offer a glimmer of hope. The process of ridding seawater of its salt, in order to make it drinkable is not a new one. 358 more words


Wilderness is a vital safety net of biodiversity for future humanity when domesticated plants and animals will no longer be healthy food for consumption due to irresponsible interference by technology which emphasizes short duration profit, the use of too many artificial chemicals, and monoculture to grow domesticated plants and animals. 338 more words

Common Sense

To Push a Man Right, First Push Him Left

Think metaphysics isn’t relevant to the real world and impending dangers to human survival? Think again.

Here’s an example of the practical connection. On June 20, 2014, Molli Nickell, a regular contributor on TheBlaze website, wrote in her trademark snarky style about Americans’ escalating disenchantment with the current administration’s foreign policy. 1,312 more words