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With three first-in-human trials, therapeutic stem cell science takes a bold step (ScienceDaily)

Therapeutic stem cell-based science is stepping out of the laboratory and closer to real-world medical applications. The unprecedented trials involve potential therapies for spinal cord injuries, Type 1 diabetes and chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

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Embryonic Stem Cells And Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

#Scientists discover #cancer-fighting berry on tree that only grows in Far North Queensland

A dog called Oscar pre-treatment with the berry compound (L) & 15 days after treatment (R).

Jessica van Vonderen reporting,

Scientists have been surprised by the rapid cancer-fighting properties of a berry found only in Far North Queensland. 456 more words


Wait for unintended consequences -- Scientists to test lab-grown penises

Penises grown in laboratories could soon be tested on men by scientists developing technology to help people with congenital abnormalities, or who have undergone surgery for aggressive cancer or suffered traumatic injury.

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