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The Importance of Reading

Reading is a signature skill of humans, but it didn’t start with words, and likely won’t end with them. Here is a complex sentence, in a state before words, in an age after them. 33 more words

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Guide to Computer Language for Canadian Writers #1

Log in.

Firing up the main frame for another day. Note the Swede saw.

Human Wisdom Vs. Book Knowledge

What Creative Nonfiction Looks Like in its Wild State

Melting Stovetop Teapot at Pillar Lake Provincial Park

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So You Wanna Write About the 1960s, Huh

It was still the 1950s.

Barbed wire and Modernism, Freiburg, Germany

Or maybe the 1940s.

So, you want to write about the 1950s, then?

Vineyard Gate, 13 more words

Human Wisdom Vs. Book Knowledge

Hey, SFF Writers

Don’t treat the ancient gods as fantasy figures, eh. They’ll just start treating us as them, too.

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Why Authors Should Sell Their Rolexes

Their words come from the same technological pool as sun dials.

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