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I’m supposed to be doing something important right now, but I suddenly imagined myself as a butterfly flying peacefully in a garden. Hehe.

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The Mysterious Beauty Sea

Thought of The Night:

The only dead about this scene is us keep calling it, The “Dead” Sea….calling for a petition to change the name to “The Mysterious Beauty Sea”….

Good Night and…,,Good Luck!


Is It Truth, or What Is Believed?

And just because something has been written, published, mass-produced, promoted and funded by our leaders, and entire societies designed around its various concepts, doesn’t make it truth either!     131 more words


I Am Not Quite Myself Today

Today I am a journeyer, a woman of the world

I am someone who says goodbye

without tears, who does not consider

whence the next meal will come… 52 more words


Teman terbaik manusia

Sering kita lihat dijalanan, binatang-binatang berkeliaran, salah satu adalah anjing. Anjing merupakan binatang yang banyak sekali dipelihara, karena berbagai macam jenisnya, dari yang kecil samapai yang besar. 110 more words

Meaning Of Life

Best possession

I recently switched schools for the eleventh grade and I was more than excited a few days before school began. Maybe at the back of my head, I knew things would change like crazy, but I went with the conjecture that I would be the same person. 481 more words

لكم لبنانكم .... ولي لبناني

لبنانكم طوائف و احزاب … لبناني هو عرس وحدة الاديان

Your Lebanon is sects and parties…My Lebanon is the marriage of religions
– jubran khalil jubran