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We are humans, are you aware?

Wanting good luck is such a vague desire.

It’s quite shocking how many people desire being perfect and wish for some luck in them.

We are humans, look at yourself in the mirror and repeat it as many times necessary to achieve realization. 275 more words


Worlds Within Worlds

My eyes merely reflect the world,

which is made of same mud as my body.

It’s my soul, when I look within,

which takes me to the worlds… 6 more words


Experience & paintings

I am trying lot of things lately. I finished baby inspiration on oil. I begin to new one. These figures will be without face or mouth for expressing themselves like trees. 106 more words


Before We Were

Before we had mouths to
Profess our human ignorance
We floated on forever
In a vast ocean
I demand De-Evolution
Shed away my arms and legs… 30 more words


“Expecto Patronum!” said my 10 year old self pointing a wand made out of a toy snooker stick at my brother.

As a kid my life circled around the fantasies that I had made up in my mind. 343 more words

Back to the 90s

What was up last Wednesday? The 90s felt back in the air. I saw Flea* from the Red Hot Chilli peppers blaze onto Newport Road, all flowing dreadlocks and billowing climbing pants with a bike the wrong side of neon. 90 more words