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Anatomy of Human Behavior, Written By Alia Tabassum

Human Behavior

Tone, gestures, selection of words and facial expressions are the four basic elements which may dive into the hearts of crown of creation or may detract him from the path of virtue.   522 more words


أقوى واحد بإخوانه....

أقوى واحد بإخوانه….

يا اخي تحيرت مع الشعب العربي، وكل يوم بزيد حيرة؟!
تونس التي هرمت، انتخبت امبارح الباجي قايد السبسي (أو السيسي إذا بدكم)، وهللوا التوانسة، فحبيت أشوف السيرة الذاتية تبعت الإكسيلانس…..


Dono di Dio (Gift of God)

Do you like receiving presents from people? Most people would be saying ‘yes,’ but others may say ‘no.’ Most of the

times, we receive gifts that we are expecting to have because we have confidence that we will surely get that gift. 470 more words