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How I finally published a novel I started 10 years ago... with a kick in the pants from 99U

Scene: Two women in an espresso shop.

Woman #1 (sipping giant latte): You’ve gotten a lot done this year.

Woman #2 (staring longingly at tiny, empty espresso cup): Yeah. 371 more words


Stressed = Desserts

I was so excited they finally fixed my computer.  After 4 months of use I managed to fry my hard drive.   I than went to my parent’s place and transplanted in the greenhouse and helped the farrier give all the animals their spring pedicures.   148 more words


خطبة الجمعة - من أجل عالمنا العربي العظيم

خطبة الجمعة – من أجل عالمنا العربي العظيم
إستقيموا يا معوجين…..
هاي الجمعة كونها بعد يومين بيحتفلوا إخوانا المسيحيين بعيد الفطر المجيد، رح أدعي وأكرر جزء من القداس الألهي بخطبة الجمعة، كونها دعوة جميلة ممكن كلنا ندعيها في أوقاتنا هاي في كل عالمنا العربي مسلمين ومسيحين، ونقسم كقسم جبران، أن نكون موحدين، من أجل عالمنا العربي العظيم……..:


Struggles with Conflict

Among the most important of the tools I use in my psychotherapy practice are self-care contracts.  They were developed over the years by several generations of therapists, starting with Jacqui Schiff (1971).  683 more words


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The inner struggle, always a raging battle. What are your issues? join the discussion over at Living, Learning and Letting Go!

Christian or Animal Rights … Cant be both

Christian or Animal Rights … Cant be both
I believe that Christian who understand their faith, cannot be advocates for animal rights. Why?

The reason lies in the commandments that Jesus taught are the most important. 67 more words


Sam and Crowley just an observation?

Sam was born human and the rest of the story we know that when he was six months old Azazel came and bled his blood into Sam’s mouth. 344 more words


{hi'ya honey...}

It’s finally springtime here in Savannah. I say that as if we really have it so bad and all, down here where some species of plant and flower grow all year long. 1,205 more words