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Some Silhouettes :)


Just some stuff  I’m working on for a project in this one class :) More to come in the future. 

Your life is too short to live it just for you!

Spending our days texting, sending pictures, editing each and every image of the real world so others would think we live an awesome life. What is the point, if our life passes us by at the same time? 31 more words


Let's die

Let’s die to all small and big emotions of unsafety, loneliness, hurt and betrayal, failure and suffering.
There is no one’s fault, no image, no thought, no moment rises without being allowed, consciously or unconsciously by you. 717 more words


On dignity...

Today I drove by a pharmacy whose property is regularly peppered with “day laborers.”  I have yet to see someone actually out hiring people, but I imagine it must happen since every time I pass by, there are always 5 – 20 men standing around waiting.  500 more words

Good Gossip

Eleanor Roosevelt once said: “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” But isn’t it true that everyone discusses people? So are we all small minded? 487 more words

Think About It


It is almost common knowledge the various inspiring quotes concerning the importance of not giving up when met by a failure or defeat but to rise and move ahead. 222 more words



All teachers should watch this video.  There are so many points to it that are INSPIRING and they push me to be a better teacher. 76 more words