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The Ultimate Debate of the Theories of Interstellar's Ending (Contains Spoilers)

Yesterday I came across a theory that the end of Interstellar is a dream sequence.  I’m not denying that it could be because in my world, possibilities are endless, and we don’t know what Christopher Nolan was trying achieve unless he mentions it in the future interviews.   1,325 more words


Is it worth it?

People are often lost in the strange and ever changing world of health supplements. Who do you listen to? So much information is paid for by big pharma or sponsored research. 245 more words


Fighting For America: The Cost No One Will Be Able To Repay.

I have witnessed and experienced many terrible and sad things, but I have never seen something truly this heartbreaking as I had a few days ago. 788 more words

Everyday Life

One tough canine...

What can you say about a stray dog who attaches himself to a Swedish extreme sports team and  stays with them  on the grueling trek through the Amazon rain forest?   16 more words

Blundering Buffoon

I’m not ready to put a stone on the places we’ve been before

But your sanctimonious bullshit is throwing up on my floor

I pride myself on tolerance of those less fortunate than I… 76 more words