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Militant Movie Making: "Salt of the Earth"

“Watching a film should feel like you just tore a hole out of the air and the void caught fire.” (Josh Fox)

Name the best-known early 1950s motion picture with a union theme? 597 more words

People Are Not Taught To Be Virtuous

“We have said that the Taoist Absolute was the Relative. In ethics the Taoist railed at the laws and the moral codes of society, for to them right and wrong were but relative terms. 278 more words


Blow Up Your Ego

There are so many twists and turns and “right ways” you are expected to do things throughout your life. For a while, standards have been so high that from childhood, children already expect to live a predetermined general blueprint for their lives. 421 more words

I post over at ReadWave every once in a while. It’s nice to feel like you are part of a tribe. This piece is called Planes Falling from the Sky. 30 more words


How to spot a narcissist


Attention-seeking status updates.

One day they are complaining about their day — the next day, something bad happens. We feel sympathy. The following day — it’s a gorgeous day at the beach and they’re happily in love. 193 more words