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The Marriage Problem—What Can Be Done?

When Pope Francis was returning from South Korea, he was interviewed en route. The subject was the Islamic attack on Christians in Iraq and Syria, and he was asked point blank, “What can be done?” Pope Francis replied that it would be legitimate to use force to stop the unjust aggression of those who are committing the rampant murders of Christians and other minorities in Iraq. 1,332 more words


PiH Recap: A Crash Course in Humanae Vitae

Last night at Pure in Heart, Conal gave a very informative talk on Humanae Vitae, the added benefit being that we no longer have to pretend to know what it is. 437 more words

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This Week at Pure in Heart: The Best Talk You've Ever Heard on Humanae Vitae

Let’s be realistic – you’ve never heard a talk on Humane Vitae before so it’s probably not a dishonest title! Explore the history, background and reception of this highly debated document that not only proved a landmark in the history of Church in the 20th century but also proved to be the reason behind John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. 17 more words

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Radiating Jesus in Our Parishes, 5

This is my fifth and last commentary on The Church in America.

What can ordinary lay people do to make their parish one that truly radiates Christ? 345 more words


Virtuous Sex

One of the common objections we hear to using Natural Family Planning (“NFP”) is, “I want to be able to have sex whenever I want to, and the birth control pill allows me to do that.” 974 more words

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"All my generation knew about human sexuality had been founded on a lie"

—from Something Other Than God by Jennifer Fulwiler, Ch. 33

All my generation knew about human sexuality had been founded on a lie. They had been told that there was no need to give a second thought to parenthood when they engaged in sex; they were encouraged to think of sex as being primarily about their own pleasure.

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My wife Libby and I were married in the summer of 2003. The following spring we settled into a new job, and we moved from our little one bedroom apartment and into our first house. 861 more words

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