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Concerns for the future generation: imagination, artificial worlds and reality.

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Hypothetically if our reality is evolving and if evolution is the trend that is happening around us or soon to be happening – What would it be like? 370 more words


Can There be a Purpose to This Post?

A few weeks ago Josh brought up some good points about meaning and purpose in life at this link on Nate’s post.  We hashed through some of that over there but I thought I’d try to add a few more of my thoughts on the subject.   1,462 more words


Abraham Acquitted of Murder

I recently posted about an event in NYC where Temple Emanu-El was going to put Abraham on trial for murder, with attorneys Alan Dershowitz and Eliot Spitzer participating. 122 more words


Evolution Myths: Part 5

This notion is based on the presumption that whatever function a feature performs today, it performed in the past. It is possible that a more rudimentary eye could serve a purpose or that a smaller wing would be beneficial to an organism, despite it being useless for flight. 115 more words


Vote in the Freethinker Faceoff

Camp Quest – a camp for the children of atheists, agnostics, freethinkers, secular humanists and the like, is currently holding a fundraiser. The contest involves creating a deck of playing cards with the faces of famous freethinkers. 92 more words


Uses for Plastic Bread Bags

This is not the sexiest of topics but it is important. Some will suggest that you just buy bread that doesn’t come in a plastic bag. 294 more words


Charging Abraham with Attempted Murder

Traditionally, Abraham is championed as the picture of obedience. He’s a shinning light to the heathen nations. Many Christians (and some Jews) may not be aware that this is only one interpretation of the text. 307 more words