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Crystals and The Sri Yantra Geometry

The Sri Yantra. An ancient Indian Geometry.

It represents the goddess in her form of Shri Lalita Or Tripura Sundari, “the beauty of the three worlds (Heaven, Earth, Hell)”.  519 more words


Eternity; Book of Exile Death

“Angel picture” source

Proposed by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in her 1969 book “On Death and Dying.”

The Eternal: Book of Death

This is the end. In this realm there is no virtue except that which is darkness and death. 230 more words


Divinity; Trilogy of The Three Worlds

Intro: The three worlds that are of the lowest, medium and highest forms of realities are; Hell, Earth and Heaven. These are the 3 main parallel universes that allow us to perceive the world as we do today. 2,020 more words


Chapter 1-4 – Ethos Syndicate; The Book of Star

Book 2 Ethos syndicate; The Book of Star

Chapter 1: Identity

Identity: the ideas, qualities and beliefs that make a particular person or group.

Identity> Courage, Truth and Love… 1,536 more words


A Glimpse of The Three Worlds As One; A Symbolic Dream

Yes another dream, it felt like i was part of it’s construction and as if I walked through a gateway to another world; this one was highly symbolic to me. 544 more words


Chapter 3 - Eternity, The Book of Life; Body of Service

Chapter 3: Body of Service

Body of Service> Creator

We are Creators; You make ideas into visions into reality. You can imagine and invent things that others have never thought about. 824 more words


Chapter 2 - Eternity, The Book of Life; Body of Love

Chapter 2: Body of Love

The body of love is composed of Love of self, Love of Earth and Love of Heaven.. The meaning of life is deeply engraved in the compassion, understanding and communication between you, The Earth and Heaven. 907 more words