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Are Parents an “Absolute Monarchy”?

In Volume 2 Parents and Children, Charlotte Mason (CM) has written a body of work about the varying roles of parents as inspirers, schoolmasters, trainers, teachers of morals, and more. 668 more words

Charlotte Mason

What Do You Mean by "Diversity"?

My kids see a picture of Harriet Tubman, and say, “Scary!” because they associate her dark skin with shadows. Their cousin announces, “There are NO girl super heroes!”, and we break out into the Wonderwoman theme song. 553 more words

Charlotte Mason

4 Good Reasons to get Rid of Your Stuff

Sorting through our possessions (or those of someone else) can be tremendously difficult. It can bring up feelings of pain, fear or loss. I believe the benefits, once we can see them, outweigh all the work and negative feelings. 631 more words


Quick Start to Secularizing Charlotte Mason

The short and simple way to secularize Charlotte Mason would be to:

    Read the Bible as literature, substituting stories that you wish to exclude with stories from other religious traditions. 429 more words
Charlotte Mason

Get Rid of Your Junk in 2015

Continuing a theme from last year, I’m again leading a group of 100 people who want to get rid of the junk that takes up their space and their time. 342 more words


Charlie Hebdo and Blasphemy: Pick Up Your Pen, Not Your Sword

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo tragedy, January 7, 2015 in Paris, many opinions abound, and it becomes difficult to offer any unique insight of one’s own without being drowned out, or indeed, wondering if you should offer anything at all. 670 more words