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The thesis "Dream, Life and Light": ties to "Death, Afterlife and Dark".

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Dream, Life and Light.

In everyone’s daily routine “day life” and “night life” whether your sleeping or awake we experience dreams and life. 660 more words


Peppa pig and our liberal democratic values?

Today, the Daily Mail newspaper published an article claiming a young British couple were thrown off a bus near London on the grounds of racism. What could the possibly have done to warrant this reaction? 1,404 more words


Concern's for the USA's inevitable collapse into depression

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“United states and a 25 year depression” <link to video

The United states is under real danger of a collapse just like the fall of Roman empire or an event equivalent to the Britain’s post WW2 state. 593 more words


To the People Who Worry About What My Tattoos Will Look Like at 80:

I haven’t been here in a while, I’ve been busy with other things–but I needed a forum to address the people who find it necessary to inquire about what I’ll look like, with my arm covered in ink, when I’m 80-years-old. 443 more words


Atheaholics Anonymous

Dear Member:

Thank you for showing an interest in our society. We really appreciate the time you took to speak to us and hope you will enjoy being part of our community here at UCLan. 85 more words


The Float System of Networking and Community

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Threre are three main sources of power in a country; you have your economic, social and political power. Even if this is so, there is one power that exceeds these in flexibility and it’s versatility called Community power. 337 more words


Your Atheism is (Somewhat) Irrelevant

If you pay attention to what goes on in the world of atheism/humanism/secularism, you’ve probably seen scuttlebutt about a number of accusations of sexual misconduct by Big Names in that corner of the world. 673 more words

Humanistic Judaism