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Ark Park Genocide Celebration

Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter has been national news for sometime now. He wrongly accuses “atheists and secularists” of trying to prevent his park from being built. 439 more words


Humanistic Blessing for Hanukkah

In Secular Humanistic Judaism, we put a premium on saying what you mean and meaning what you say when it comes to liturgy. I point this out because it has implications for what one says on holidays and in other liturgical contexts… 660 more words


Happy Godless Chanukah

Today marks the first night of Chanukah, which contrary to what some atheists and humanist believe, can be celebrated by non-theists. Just like Christmas, Chanukah has meaning beyond the supernatural miracles and myths. 177 more words


Are Women Just Jealous?

There is a popular video blogger whose videos I find rather obnoxious. I haven’t made mention of this dislike except to one person whose response was “you’re just jealous.” It is possible that I have some sense of underlying jealousy but when I say that I don’t care for her, I mean that I don’t care for her videos. 178 more words


You Didn't Leave Anyone Hanging on a Cross

No. You did not leave anyone hanging on a cross. This is emotional manipulation. It is dangerous because it perpetuates the idea that you are an awful person, so awful that a man had to be tortured for you – and don’t you owe that many everything? 218 more words


New Film from the Creators of God's Not Dead

At first I thought perhaps I was confused but no, the upcoming Do You Believe┬ástars both Mira Sorvino and Cybill Shepherd. These seem like odd roles for the two of them, especially Shepherd who spent a couple years playing a middle aged woman exploring her new found sexual freedom as an out of the closet lesbian on the… 168 more words


Another Holiday Non-Issue

All around the world, various religions and cultures experience threats and discrimination. This time of year, American Christians play the victim card in a pretend war on Christmas. 149 more words