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Radical Change

My muse is gone. I typed up this shit only to have it dissapear into a void once I clicked “publish” and only the image go through. 86 more words


Prepare to be Awed!

`One of my favourite philosophers and writers, the late David Hume made a case about miracles, where he wrote that a miracle could be the result of fear, superstition and illiteracy. 202 more words


The Nothingness Beyond God - Part 2

I’m reading a Japanese originally philosophical book translated by an American author Robert E. Carter. The original book is by Nishida Kitaro. i’m 70% done the book. 689 more words


Star of Morality, Ethics and Humanity

Science, Religion and Humanism.

This is a fruit of my work. I will attempt a 3d model and labels as soon as i am able to orientate all the correct codes, virtues and values — I’ll probably call it the Ethos of Syndicates maybe. 78 more words


Timaeus and The Artifical Black Hole.

Theory time!

I was just thinking. Just like the heavens are said to rule over humans to make them better people through ideas and guidance by influence through thought. 314 more words


Humanism identity as second nature.

Just noticed a pattern in my subconcious mind blogging. On my topics i chose categories, Divinity, Humanism , Religion and Technology. Could be translated into; 55 more words