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Your Atheism is (Somewhat) Irrelevant

If you pay attention to what goes on in the world of atheism/humanism/secularism, you’ve probably seen scuttlebutt about a number of accusations of sexual misconduct by Big Names in that corner of the world. 673 more words

Humanistic Judaism

President Xi, #FreeTibet !

You, and your clique in the CCP, may not know the Kantian value of every individual human being : It Is Absolute…

Equal to yours, if not more. 239 more words


Losing Weight Without God?

For many months now I’m been contemplating reaching out to a group for people with food issues. I have been overweight, at times obese, for most of my adult life. 665 more words


Butterfly Effect; Changing the Ripples of Life

For every purpose. There is a reason. Either selected/inverted, circumscribed/uncircumscribed, circle/square. The world and everything in and around it has meaning and life is never black and white. 590 more words


DNA our biological evolution through the mind

“Biological beliefs” article

“Evolution and DNA” article

The mind is the next frontier of our evolution. We need the mindfulness of the world around us, because the environment does affect what happens to us. 716 more words


Forgiveness for the past.

“Mending the heart” article and image source

Everyone makes mistakes. It doesn’t mean it’s okay to make mistakes on purpose. It just means we have to be more extra careful when we do things and to forgive people who make those mistakes when they do something wrong. 426 more words