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The Inferior "Objective" Morality of Faith

I find it absolutely fascinating how a majority of the world is indoctrinated with religious beliefs.  What is very telling about this situation, is how those religious beliefs differ by geographic location, as well as by time.   887 more words

A Different Angle

Recently I’ve befriended a Christian guy who lives locally to me. I met him through another friend and soon discovered more about him and his beliefs. 235 more words

Banning Dangerous Practices

Yesterday Godless Cranium shared a report about two infants contracting herpes simplex virus type 1 (“HSV-1″) from a traditional Orthodox Jewish circumcision ceremony. These infants contracted the disease when the person performing the circumcision applied “direct oral suction” to swab the blood off the cut genitalia. 743 more words


In Defense of Demonstrating

My favorite movies explore the interplay of character and ideas. If they include history, so much the better. This explains why Politywonk is amusing herself with  604 more words

Social Contract

The Problem of Evil

If God is both omnipotent and omnibenevolent then there should be no evil in the world. The problem of evil is a philosophy that points this out, and refutes the western idea of God. 214 more words


"Women Who Are Ambivalent about Women Against Women Against Feminism": Inspired by The Blogess

Freshly Pressed has good taste.  Today I found an article about why feminism is important (and why it is absurd that some women oppose it).  Too often, I tell people that I am a feminist and I am met with judgment.   621 more words


Horror of the Real

“I deal in horror, but it is one of recognition, not violence, although sometimes that too….My people are transitional people. They must learn to breathe chemical air and eat processed dinners, and not merely accept them but defend them because it is the price to be paid. 42 more words

Rhino Horn