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Violence and its Ends

Many, many friends of mine have been posting on Facebook recently about the conflict in Israel-Palestine, the bombs falling on Gaza and the rockets falling on Israel, and other aspects of the situation, including recent violent attacks on left-wing protesters in Israeli cities. 1,118 more words


Repost-Roger Scruton In The American Spectator: The New Humanism

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Perhaps Scruton is just being nostalgic for what he describes as the old humanism:

“There is no need for God, they thought, in order to live with a vision of the higher life.

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Public Debate

Christians Acting As Ancient Israelites...Not David

The Bible forms an integrated whole for the church.  2TI.3:16 all scripture is given by the inspiration of God.  Yet some Christians overlook God’s (timeless) principles because they were part of the Old Covenant.   1,475 more words


News from Ninevah: "All physical evidence that Christians ever lived in Mosul will soon be erased"

from Essays in Idleness:

It would seem that, this morning, for the first time in more than eighteen centuries, there are no Christians in Mosul, Iraq. 1,056 more words

Signs Of The Times

Martin Buber on Zionism

From Martin Buber’s essay, “Nationalism” (1948):

“…in the thousands of years of its exile, Jewry yearned for the  Land of Israel, not as a nation like others, but as Judaism (res sui generis), and with motives and intentions which cannot be derived wholly from the category “nation.” That original yearning is back of all the disguises which modern national Judaism has borrowed from the modern nationalism of the West. 743 more words