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And as you rise,

I crumble.

Or am I? I don’t know anymore. In a place where success is happily purchasing $4 toast and paying $3,000 a month for a 400-square-foot apartment with shared laundry facilities, I’m beginning to question the sanity of those around me more so than my own. 161 more words

San Francisco

Take Control Of Your Life

We’re just a pawn in the way of how things work. Just a needle in a haystack. A spoof of dust in the atmosphere. We consider ourselves to have utmost importance but what we don’t realize is that, we’re not so big when the whole world is at play. 238 more words


I can't even...Lol.

Today at work, this girl came at me out of nowhere saying I shut the door in her face.  This is the first time have ever seen that woman, let alone shut the door in her face.   363 more words


Beauty is the destruction of sanity - video

This is the video of my poem “Beauty is the destruction of sanity”. The original is here



Finally Someone With Guts To Say What We All Know

Finally we have someone who went live on air to spill the beans. The Coma that America is in is ridiculous.

I admire his guts and pray for his safety. 28 more words


The Empathy of David Mitchell

I am about three quarters of the way through the new David Mitchell book, The Bone Clocks.  Although there is always the possibility that Mitchell won’t land the ending, and the ending of anything matters, so far I can’t help but feel this book is a masterpiece.   299 more words

Imagine This...

Imagine this scenario:

When you ask “Why?”, he explains it to you this way:

I hit her because she was being rude.

I’m just teaching her respect. 157 more words