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Not Totally a Feminist, and yet...

So I was discussing this with my mother today and I’d just like to reflect. I live in Jordan, and my current job is in Old Amman, so far in the past week I have been in two situations where I felt like I was mildly harassed, one situation was where I was walking and a group of boys no older than 18 started to cat-call, and then a second incident where a man in a truck stopped to let me pass but when I did he decided to hit the gas, when I had passed I could hear him honking at me. 326 more words


Is There a Perfect Form of Translation?


In college I took a class called “The Craft of Translation”. At some point my professor, Mark Statman, posed this question:

“Is there a perfect form of translation?” 730 more words


blood all over
wounds all frightening
whirled sores pooling

pains can be drawn
flashes on eye-sore
bleed in oceanic mercies

nailed in crucifixion
bonded to the cross… 41 more words


The Idea of Who You Are

Do you have an idea of who you are?

Everyone thinks they do.

But let’s be honest here, that idea can be romanticized or criticized in your mind. 253 more words


Return of the Blogger

I disappeared. I turned off my laptop and I just vanished. My last blog post was over a month ago, and there’s a very good reason for that. 798 more words

This is the Face of a "Thug"



 1. a violent person, especially a criminal.

synonyms: Ruffian, hooligan, vandal, hoodlum, gangster, villain, criminal – Merriam-Webster.com

What makes someone dangerous or defines the content of their character?

1,266 more words


When I ask you about courage
You tell me about the life of Alexander the Great.
But you aren’t aware of the courage it takes to wake up every morning… 122 more words

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