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The Waste


We are in mourning still

Shed one tear and watch them sink so near

Nothing we can do

They treaded water within our grasp… 199 more words



“Sin is humanity curved in on it’s self”
Martin Luther

As people we have a tendency to make things about us. We seek our own end in almost everything: relationships, achievements and indeed in our spirituality and worship. 289 more words


Hello world

There you go. Hello world how are things going on with you, i don’t think things are so well with me here. The main confusion is what to do? 116 more words



I have decided that it is time to talk about my feelings of this cruel world we live in.

Learning about the events happening in Gaza and researching the Palestine Israeli War, I have decided that this is NOT a war about religion. 537 more words


Thought For The Day - Put People First But Take Care of Your Performance Too.

People are organisation’s greatest asset. Your performance equals the performance of your people that you lead. One do not manage their people, they lead the team. 255 more words


Thinking Outside of the Box

Being upset and in a down mood, two good friends of mine took me for a drive to talk about things. What started out as a talk about our lives turned into a discussion revolving conspiracy theories and ideas of what life truly is. 172 more words