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kindness matters

Today was quite a strange day. Eventful, but strange. I’m at home now, recounting today’s activities and there seems to be┬áthe overarching message of kindness. 1,144 more words

New York

Military Research and Development

Protest Scapegoats

Military research and development provides goods that help humanity prosper. Military research and development is hardly any different from university research and development, the primary difference is solely the where the funding comes from. 556 more words


Quantity of Actions

People always calculate
One action must have one or more result
One message must have one or more reply
Thirty minutes of delay message must be equate to more than thirty minutes of delayed reply… 69 more words


Are you active or passive?

Now I know why I’ve been getting so frustrated. Has that ever happened to anyone? Like you’re living out your life and you notice yourself being irritable because you’re frustrated but you have no idea why? 309 more words

Exercise Plus Fasting May Boost Brain's Neurons

Forget what you’ve heard about “brain food”…turns out, the best food for your brain may be none at all. New research on intermittent fasting and exercise show some surprising brain benefits of depriving yourself of calories — at least occasionally. 308 more words


The Oath By Hippocrates - [ Written 400 B.C.E ]

I SWEAR by Apollo the physician, and Aesculapius, and Health, and All-heal, and all the gods and goddesses, that, according to my ability and judgment, I will keep this Oath and this stipulation- to reckon him who taught me this Art equally dear to me as my parents, to share my substance with him, and relieve his necessities if required; to look upon his offspring in the same footing as my own brothers, and to teach them this art, if they shall wish to learn it, without fee or stipulation; and that by precept, lecture, and every other mode of instruction, I will impart a knowledge of the Art to my own sons, and those of my teachers, and to disciples bound by a stipulation and oath according to the law of medicine, but to none others. 289 more words


Hell, oh darkness my old friend.

What would be your hell on earth? Something that preys on all your worst fears? Endless exposure to pain? Or death by a thousand cuts? We’ve all got so many pet peeves that, when stacked on top of one another, could create an insurmountable obstacle. 707 more words

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