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106/365 - swept up

as you brush me aside
nikon 7100  •  f/4  •  70mm  •  1/56


Nothing on the Earth happens that is not related to the spirit

Nothing on the Earth happens that is not related to the spirit. Our soul with her good and bad deeds is closely related to all that happens on the Earth. 106 more words



You know that moment when the Earth cracks in half,
when you can see the inside at that odd angle?
It’s when you know what’s important, 101 more words

General Writing

A world made more beautiful♥

“There is no small act of kindness. Every compassionate act makes large the world.”
~ Mary Anne Radmacher

Hi dear all,
Here’s a mid-week gem of inspiration too beautiful to be left unshared amongst dear friends here.

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Something in Her Face That Was Incredibly Alive

A couple years ago, Claire and I went on our usual 35-minute walk together.  Toward the end of it, Claire said hi to a woman.  She’s too friendly sometimes, and so am I. 410 more words


Just Trying to Live

I go outside and look around. A typical work day in a typical city. I see people running around. Everybody is busy. Everybody is in a hurry. 674 more words