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More Old People Bitching About No Jobs

So I was reading this article about public service not hiring old people after 50. Here is the article.

The part which really shit me off: 976 more words


Do you know that most business started of during hard times? HP, Starbucks, Auntie Anne’s: Soft pretzels, Microsoft, FedEx etc. Yes, you too can. 213 more words


Dear society, please stop putting time frames on people's healing...

Everyone is different.

Every journey is different.

Only God knows how long each person needs to heal.

For some it may be fairly quick, for some it may be a few years, for some longer and for some it will be a lifelong journey. 30 more words

Here Lies My Hope For Humanity.

Here lies my hope for humanity. You died today. You got so tired. You were so done. With all the people. The people just brought you down to your knees. 272 more words



“Always be authentic. If something feels disingenuous, it is.”
“So, how do you stay authentic?”
“Allow yourself to feel and trust yourself.”

A Time To Pray

“A weak faith is weakened by predicaments and catastrophes,

whereas a strong faith is strengthened by them.” ~ Victor Frankl


Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers… 69 more words

Poetry And Quotes

Flip sides.

When your job requires you to constantly work with people (customers, patients, etc.), you start to get a little dismayed with humanity. Which is unfortunate. You meet all kinds. 214 more words