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Rise Against Terrorism

We are all posting about #PeshawarAttacks , everyone is condemning the #terrorists. We are all genuinely feeling sad about it. But I was thinking is there no government among the ones who claim to be powerful or any leader #PMModi #BarackObama who will stand to bring an end to the catastrophe that a bunch of whimsical lunatics are inflicting on our fellow human beings. 134 more words


Does this then, make me a coward?

Some days perhaps I am a coward and others I struggle through tears to hold onto my sanity. I guess we all have our good days and our bad.


Fictional Choices

I don’t choose my preferences, otherwise I’d just choose what I already have — why would I select something difficult to obtain? So when life provides me with an urge to fulfill a particular preference, perhaps life is preparing me for what’s coming. 215 more words


rules of civility drift

a brief history of time
the botany of desire
catches my eye

an absent revolution
extinction of machine
the shadow-land within
marked and untamed

an assassin, reluctantly… 123 more words


You have something to say, I want to hear it.

I haven’t had a desire to blog in a very long while. I simply got to a place where I just wanted to experience and CONSUME. 290 more words

Random Musings

Subliminal Scribble 285

Humanity ought

not only be

reserved for

human beings.

Duct Tape Hearts

On a scale of “Yes I will have chocolate ice cream on my chocolate cake and could you put some hot fudge on that?” to “Shoot me now I beg of you”, realizing you’re in love with someone who doesn’t see you that way probably falls on the latter end of the spectrum. 421 more words