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Why keep on fighting the war machine, Demise of the human race

I do hate to be controversial, but seriously what is wrong with the human race just lately? All we see in the media and news these days is subjects on trillions of pounds being spent killing each other in the ways of wars. 321 more words


Place of Miracles in the Development of Humankind

Just as prophets exalted men spiritually in belief and worshipping God through their guidance, so did the Quran make those prophets masters and foremen in regard to mankind’s material progress. 1,221 more words


Way of Spiritual Development Through The Ladder of Science

The laws of the Glorious Quran that are in the form of orders and prohibitions are based on God Almighty’s attribute of speech. For instance, decrees related to belief, worship, haram (prohibited) and halal (permitted). 613 more words


The Most Astounding Fact

Bigger than me, you, politics, religion, capitalism… We can be better.


Human+Kind BB Cream

Look Positively Radiant with Human+Kind’s all-natural BB Cream

Everyone craves for a beautiful complexion. The look, made famous recently on the runways of New York, Milan and Paris has women spending fortunes on high end cosmetics that do more harm than good to the skin. 176 more words

Share Of The Day!


Blogging! What an excellent idea! A platform to document the constant state of rebellion that is my mind.

For the sake of avoiding preconceived conceptions from potential readers, I will pursue this blog as anonymous. 254 more words



Made fables
Huge castles
Big stables
Stories to tell
Odes to sing
Melodies ring
Planes to fly
Ships to sail
Nothing left
to chance… 25 more words