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Observed while walking down Main Street one winter’s day.

Article: Levantine cranium from Manot Cave (Israel), the first European modern humans?

New evidence from the Levantine region further suggests that neanderthals and modern homo sapiens were living in the same area (in Levantine region) at the same time! 80 more words


We've Gone Too Far . . .

Thursday 29 January 2015

I think it can be said that it’s definitely official – as a species, we’ve gone too far. Okay, maybe not all of us have crossed the threshold into the land of the f*cked, but it seems to me that a good proportion of humanity has made it there, safe and sound. 768 more words



It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.



...of confidence, longing & favor...

Seems we live in ever increasing complicated times.

Is it so, more than in generations past or in life’s busyness & technology does it just look as if it could be? 218 more words

The Biblical Answer To The Question Of Evil

Where did evil come from? This is the question atheists either don’t try to answer or can not answer. It’s part of the weakness of that belief system—there are too many things that can’t be explained. 809 more words



I must admit, that perhaps the following fear, might not be considered as such, but is something that torments my days.

Have you ever had a feeling that every stranger around sight, might be a bully, a burglar or someone who surprisingly, can hurt you? 213 more words