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Blogging! What an excellent idea! A platform to document the constant state of rebellion that is my mind.

For the sake of avoiding preconceived conceptions from potential readers, I will pursue this blog as anonymous. 254 more words



Made fables
Huge castles
Big stables
Stories to tell
Odes to sing
Melodies ring
Planes to fly
Ships to sail
Nothing left
to chance… 25 more words


Everyone is beautiful

Look deep inside and pull the beauty out of your deepest being.

Live by simple principles: love, respect, kindness, joy.

True beauty is limitless and everlasting. 38 more words

Wise Words


For some reason this song came to my mind last night and I’ve been singing ever since… :) One life is all we have and one chance to  make it better for ourselves and others, one chance to live in Love and Peace, one chance to start changing this world and start carrying each other! 297 more words


The Words of Our Elders: Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758)

A truly humble man is sensible of his natural distance from God; of his dependence on Him; of the insufficiency of his own power and wisdom; and that it is by God’s power that he is upheld and provided for, and that he needs God’s wisdom to lead and guide him, and His might to enable him to do what he ought to do for Him.

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True power lies within

And so to Singapore last week, for CARE’s third successive experience of partnering the annual “Sharing Value Asia” Forum – this year attracting a 30% uplift in delegates since the 2013 event, and focusing on what is becoming a fast emerging consensus around how the “Power of Many” may yet be our best ticket to solving some of the region’s pressing social and environmental dilemmas. 1,125 more words


Facebook, The Common Link Between Humankind.

Facebook, a social media platform used by many, was founded in 2004 to connect college students.  Today, it has become much more than just a page to discover friend’s relationship statuses, it has become a place for friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and family members to connect. 351 more words