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A moment to reflect...

A moment to reflect…

I know I promised my monthly blog on sunscreen this week however I spent the last few days in Sydney quite close to Martin’s Place. 373 more words

The Fall of Humanity

We came into this world as living things classified in the category of Homo sapiens species, a tribe of homininae encompassing the human clade. Due to our extensive mental development, we later created, discovered, founded, endowed and established… 538 more words

Sensual Philosophy

We're Taught Not to Call Bullshit on Wildly Idiotic and Unimaginably Stupid Ideas!

Modern society treats all ideas and opinions as valuable and worthy regardless how absurd so we don’t hurt individuals’ feelings. And because our children are taught not to call bullshit on wildly idiotic and unimaginably stupid ideas they are allowed to exist a persistent realm of fairy tales free from the bother of the real world and the deep logic and critical thinking skills required to navigate and understand it. Think sheep.


"men do not learn very much"

That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons that history has to teach.

Aldous Huxley


“Each of us must learn to work
not just for oneself,
one’s own family or nation, but
for the benefit of all humankind.”
The Dalai Lama



When I was in college I had to decide on a classroom management philosophy that would work.  I felt inspired, working with special education students, that LORE (Listening and Obeying in Respect Every time) was the answer.   257 more words