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Atlas Stumbled: Why Humanoid Robots Are Still A Brilliant, Bumbling Mess

When the six-foot-two, 330-pound humanoid robot falls, no one is surprised. In part, that’s because this is what Atlas does. Like the nearly identical Atlas models loaned out to other teams competing in the DARPA Robotics Challenge, and the ones that have l… 902 more words

Humanoid Robot

Eye of the beholder. Improving the human-robot connection

Researchers are programming robots to communicate with people using human-like body language and cues, an important step toward bringing robots into homes.

Researchers at the University of British Columbia enlisted the help of a human-friendly robot named Charlie to study the simple task of handing an object to a person. 231 more words

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InMoov with Kinect Control

Publicado el 12/04/2014

Vid:31 InMoov controlled with it’s Kinect. This one of the first test with only 2 joints working on the left arm. The arm has 4 joints. 76 more words

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New Socibot v1.2

With many of the interactive features found on RoboThespian, SociBot is a great choice if your robot budget is limited, or you don’t have the space for a full-sized humanoid. 137 more words

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Salvius. An open source humanoid robot built from recycled parts

Salvius is a robot made out of recycled materials and designed to be able to perform a wide range of tasks by having a body structure that is similar to that of a human. 481 more words

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Robot mannequin to test armed forces' protective suits

A robotic mannequin that can run, sit and even mimic the movement of a soldier has been unveiled by the Ministry of Defence.

The £1.1m robot – developed using Formula 1 technology – will test protective suits and equipment. 587 more words

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MU-L8 Humanoid Robot Qualifies for RoboCup 2014 Brazil

Publicado el 20/02/2014

Marquette University’s College of Engineering’s HEIR Lab’s Team MU-L8 qualified to compete in the RoboCup 2014 Brazil in the TeenSize humanoid robot soccer league. 32 more words

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