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Ashes and Its Worth

“No, He will not touch my father’s ashes.” Her words burnt in a flaming furnace of heat trapped in her voice.  And she left after finishing the last of what seem to be to be an incomplete sentence, words stopping midway and transforming into homeless souls. 410 more words


Increase Your Value! Conform to the System!

I see so many stupid posts on the internet about “the worst college majors” or something about regretting what you’re taking. Of course, philosophy is almost always inevitably on the list. 659 more words


Day 179: The human

From a wailing bundle of annoyance incapable of doing pretty much anything of any use, she is now a wailing bundle of annoyance capable of doing at least some things. 293 more words

Dear asshole...

There is this man that I see walking around my neighbourhood quite often, I think that he lives here. For the past 2 evenings he has been in the same bus that I always take to go home. 428 more words

Mind(ful)less pondering

To some extent we are all terrified of oblivion. Why else would we try so hard to make our lives meaningful? We want to leave… 345 more words

The Family called the Human Race!

We … The Human Race

For all that we are … and are not

We stand tall!

For all that we do … and all that we don’t… 123 more words

Why - The Inspired Word