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Cancer's Gene Struggles

It’s been a very productive week for cancer research. There’s been a new protein discovered which almost tricked everyone into thinking it was helpful against cancer, and scientists found that just by cancelling some genes tumour growth can occur. 573 more words

Top 10 Ways College Makes You Dumb

Let’s go ahead and start by saying there’s nothing inherently wrong with college. The opportunity to receive a higher education is a privilege that many children don’t have, and there are at least dozens of ways college promotes intelligent thought and a deeper understanding of the way the world works. 1,700 more words


Lesson #10: Coming together reminds you that...


Tonight, I had a kick-ass time at the Fall Out Boy and Paramore concert with my two really good friends. I mean, honestly, there’s never anything… 528 more words

separation anxiety

Generally, I am chill.  Around dusk, around dawn I may get a little zoomie, but generally I’m a do-my-own-thing kinda guy.


I CAN’T STAND A CLOSED DOOR.   38 more words


10 Symbolisms In The Dawn Of The Planet of the Apes That Parallels the World We Live In

If you haven’t already watched the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, I’d highly recommend that you do.

Apart from being a great movie, it was one that could have just as easily been a literature classic. 792 more words

Personal Ramblings

The Jacket

This drunk guy comes up to me at the bar and says, nice jacket that, and I say, thanks, it was a bargain too, only a fiver, and I wait for some other compliment, a really of surprise or something like that, but he just goes quiet and stares at my shoulder as if the secret to the jacket’s niceness is somewhere under the pads. 579 more words

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