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Three To Ready For (2014)

1. Latest birthday.
2. Holiday season.
3. Humans on Mars.
To find-
2026 deadline.



Will’s father was a professor at the University, and this got Will excellent leverage on the meal plans.  He had texted his friends on the way to the dining hall “ 716 more words



Association: n. interacting with a human(s) for a common goal(s)

Whom do you associate with? Are you associating with the right crowd or group of individuals or are you stuck in a rather dysfunctional group which is handicapping you in your life? 124 more words

Common Sense

Spoken Word Piece: Anatomy of Possibility

The animal that’s not an animal because it knows that it thinks
It thinks
It thinks it’s the thought; perhaps that was the first flaw… 336 more words


Boxes and Dreams

It was a simpler world into which they had been born. It was a different time, a different generation. There was not much you could be. 204 more words


The Deep Sea Anglerfish

Green, H. (2009) A Song About an Anglerfish. On This Machine Pwns N00bs . Retrieved from Spotify.


     This song by Hank Green embodies the idea that we do not know what we do not experience. 146 more words


"What's done, is done."

Lady Macbeth:
“How now, my lord, why do you keep alone,
Of sorriest fancies your companions making,
Using those thoughts which should indeed have died…

163 more words