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Faces of Lebanon

Have you always been in a wheelchair?

” No I wasn’t always in a wheelchair. I was 17  at the time and it was the middle of the Lebanese Civil War. 150 more words



Humans aren’t meant to be perfect, but when they struggle with imperfections, that makes them beautiful.


We are a Wonderful Organized Grand Design

The theory of evolution would have us believe that the world has been evolving for millions or billions of years. Moving from a beginning state of disorder and chaos and move toward a state of order, the perfect design of a human being. 816 more words

About The Book

Here is a man

Conceptions, confusion, misgivings abound…

What is the man who has endured a lifetime of drink?

Here he exists, not as a conception or theory, but in physical form. 356 more words

Social Commentary

Makes you think, don't you think?

“Not till we are lost… do we begin to find ourselves’’. For me, this quote by Henry David Thoreu represents man’s need for understanding and learning, in this instance, through travel, a passion that I share. 764 more words


National Center For Women and Policing

National Center For Women and Policing

Police Family Violence Fact Sheet

Two studies have found that at least 40% of police officer families experience domestic violence, ( 88 more words