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Rock Humor - You gotta' love it!

* * *

First Rock: “Hey, you’re gonna love this one!”

Second Rock: “I doubt that very much but go ahead I’ll humor you!”

First Rock: 160 more words


Fire, Water And Humans !

Fire and water, two opposite forces forever lost in epic revelry. Fire seems to be the destructive one, which strangely proves out to be  the most fruitful while providing food to humans. 481 more words


So Satan Said


I will take revenge.
I will go to your humans.
I will make them mine.
I will control them.
I will enter their minds. 223 more words


Human fairness is innate after all

A new research shows that humans are motivated by fairness hence they want to do things as fair as possible. The study says that fairness is a unique human attribute… 15 more words



Problems are not what defines a free people. We as humans are what we choose to be behind our own eyes, not what other people see, but what we see. 43 more words

Personal Thoughts/Beliefs

A disconnecting connection.

I am on the train and it slows down to a stop as it arrives at a station. During this time I squint my eyes, picking out the people on the platform … One, two, three .. 827 more words