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Skeeter. The Purple Elephant.

Chapter 4

Skeeter, the Purple Elephant

“Jimmy?” I said to the empty kitchen as we walked back inside from our conversation.
“I’m up here.” He said with a low faint voice. 1,942 more words


The Four Pillars

The daily verbiage. A nice touch to a day that has been quite the ordinary. Four simple words that look so innocent on the surface but are perplexing to put any thought into. 798 more words

Daily Prompt

What if we're the virus?

Yesterday was a day where I was attracting the most profound conversations I’d had in a long time, a day I’ll never forget and a day where I had asked the Universe to bring me something of substance for the day to really break up my week and it delivered! 559 more words

Bus Bus Bus

I sit and wait. It’s what is to be done in such a vehicle. Bus. The bus, we only have one choice. There are not more than one bus company rolling about. 100 more words


"Desert places" - personal analysis

Sometimes, I watch a drama or a film of people together whether as a family, friends or lovers and I get a nice warm feeling inside as I marvel at the happiness and beauty of relationships. 765 more words


Remember, Human is the Group In Which We All Belong

I have noticed one thing in the past 10 years of my life, and that is that everyone wants to be a part of a “group.”  Any kind of group that shares the same opinion as them, same color as them, or same sexual orientation as them.   1,296 more words


My Inspiration

Humans have the highest intelligence of the vast number of species that call this planet home. I believe that as such, we have a responsibility to preserve this beautiful location, for the benefit of all living tenants. 216 more words