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Top 10 Ways You Could Live Forever

Whether you’re petrified of dying, or would like to experience more life cycles, there are plenty of options to help you achieve eternal living. Here is a list of probably the only ways one can cheat death – biological, digital and spiritual. 951 more words


Letter to the Atheist

I love you. You are a human being, just as I am, and I hope that I have done nothing to make you think otherwise. 412 more words

Problem Solver

Surrounded by faces
The faces lead a trace
A trace of boiling blood
Burns of a hot flood
They came out for once
Only when they are upset… 148 more words

10 Amazing Winter Survival Stories

No matter how we might shelter ourselves with technology and scientific knowledge, there are forces in the natural world that can quickly remind us how little control we actually have. 1,459 more words


Humans Are Cute

 Aerosol cheese? Why? Is slicing, shredding and melting too hard? Why spray cheese?  Why not spray mayo or ketchup or mustard or oatmeal?

So many questions, so few answers.

Comic Commentary

Samantha's Insta-faves

Hey Everyone!

After coming back from our break, I am so excited to be writing again. I’ll be continuing with our social media theme, but anybody who knows me knows that I am not the most media savvy. 437 more words


Thinking Outside of the Box

Being upset and in a down mood, two good friends of mine took me for a drive to talk about things. What started out as a talk about our lives turned into a discussion revolving conspiracy theories and ideas of what life truly is. 172 more words

Conspiracy Theories