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What kind of abomination would it unfold
If you combine a soulless one,
With someone who has a soul.

What kind of diversity would it unfold, 91 more words


Thoughts on Peshawar 2014

It’s been three days since that horrific news hit the tv. Being a Pakistani, I am used to hearing about terrorists and attacks and suicide bombings and what not but I am still not comfortable with it. 480 more words


Something about pro wrestling

Is it a bad thing to still be a fan of pro wrestling when you reach your teens? A lot of people say that wrestling is for children and there’s not much of a reason to like it since it’s ‘fake.’ (It’s not fake, it’s booked. 339 more words



Unfinished Tales » Humans » Númenóreans

Tar-Ancalimë “Queen of Long Light”
daughter of Tar-Aldarion and Erendis; became the first Ruling Queen of Númenor. She was born in Númenor in 873 SA and said to be one of the most beautiful of all Númenóreans. 445 more words


Should the US and Allies be Afraid of Russia?

I find it very fortunate to have discerned the concept of suggestion. The mind sees what it wishes to see, somehow. For example: the cocktail party effect. 560 more words


The Current Affair!

Off gun shots, bombing and other dreadful ammunition used in fights,

Our eyes have gone  sore watching such sights.

The papers and channels are filled with news, 89 more words


18 Reasons Why Caterpillars Are Similar To Human Beings

1. Furry Larvae - Some caterpillars can be hairy and so can some humans.

2. Fruity - Caterpillars eat fruit and so do humans.

3. … 262 more words