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Pray while we are gone...

Answering a call to travel nearly 8,000 miles away from home is no small decision.  The decision to fully step out of your life–work, family, friends, parenthood, commitments–for any period of time to be fully present and in service to others requires a lot of support and commitment. 834 more words


Finding the Beauty of our Talents: Cuts for Cambodia

Friday night, 5 stylists from Marin County volunteered their time and talents to help raise funds for our outreach ministry.  Two hours – 40 haircuts – $1,000 RAISED!!! 281 more words


For a Cause: Jewellery by 3 Strands

Hello Lovely Ladies!

I am very excited to take a look at the Cali-based not-for-profit 3Strands with you in this post – this is some awesome jewellery with an even more awesome mission! 453 more words


:: second chances ::

Wow. The last two weeks have been whirlwinds of new experiences, busy schedules, and lessons in necessary flexibility. We have had so many different experiences that it’s hard to even pick which ones to share with you. 777 more words

Stolen by Katariina Rosenblatt, PhD with Cecil Murphey

There is HOPE, even on the darkest of days…


A twelve year old girl—verbally, mentally, physically, and sexually abused—walks into a church in 1985, hears the word of God preached by Billy Graham, and gives her life to Christ during the invitation where Mr. 597 more words


Human Trafficking

The birth of innocence, a child’s aim to conquer the unknown world. With laughter; these carefree hippies intend to make there families proud. Everyday is full of possibilities and distance creatures from unknown lands walk beside them. 214 more words


Wipe Every Tear

This month a fellow Adventures in Missions missionary visited us. It was about time for her to do a visa run and she made the most of it by coming to see what is happening at Wipe Every Tear in Manila. 472 more words