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Who Am I?

So last week, I made a post about why I got into radio and the feedback was great! And since so many of you asked for a quick bio, here it goes. 460 more words

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So basically...

So basically this past summer was kind of a wild ride for me.

It definitely had it’s ups and it’s downs. I might get the downs out the way, to be able to save the best for last. 474 more words


Driven For Success...or Not

“Good things come to people who wait, but better things come to those who go out and get them.” Sounds like I will just settle for good things than. 681 more words

Humber for Dumbies: Spotted at Humber

Now, spotted at humber where do we get started. Spotted at humber is a Facebook page dedicated for anonymous humber students to get their feelings, opinions and sometimes frustrations out on the public. 732 more words

Humber College

Movie Monday

Hi, It’s Andy. Just a reminder, you can’t plagiarize this. It’s mine.

Movies. Yeah, it’s fun to go to them on the weekend. Tuesday is pretty cool too, especially because it’s half off. 378 more words

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Why Partying in College is Necessary

Blog Written by Ariah Tear.. If you want to pass college or university, 3 main reasons why you must party. I know what you’re thinking partying won’t help me pass at all. 356 more words

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Most Humber students have heard of the facebook page, “spotted at humber” and if you haven’t … here’s a little break down for you.

Basically Spotted at Humber is a way for students to anonymously post things that they have seen around campus. 301 more words

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