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HUMBLE PIE - " Rockin The Fillmore " Great Live Albums

Humble Pie were introduced to the UK audience as a supergroup with a big hit single, but further down the line they would become album rock and concert favourites in America. 356 more words


Humble Pie

My heart took a dive recently when I was asked to speak on the subject of humility, because humility, at least how I understood it as of a few weeks ago, was just about dead last on my list of favorite things. 2,441 more words


Humble Pie smells a bit like a GBBGull.

After Wednesdays excitement of refinding ‘my’ YLG there has been lots of helpful discussion which concludes with me withdrawing my claim.

The clincher was the following picture… 183 more words

Esther 6

Chapter 6 is all about coincidences and humble pie!

The King just happened to have insomnia the night before Haman was going to ask him for permission to hang Mordecai on the gallows. 579 more words

Bible Studies

Humble Pie

Nothing anyone can say will burst my bubble today. Your wings are warm in mine despite the lack of sun. This butterfly was blessed with humility; it was when I was at Heathrow entering the UK and was given temporary admission with an allegedly expired Visa when the wind got knocked out of me. 298 more words

Life In Wales

I'll take another piece of Humble Pie, please

I’ve started training for the NJ marathon. I pulled a tried and true training program off the internet, began Tuesday with a five-mile run with Linda. 359 more words


When Only a Piece of Humble Pie Will Do

Oh man!  Sometimes I get a little too big for my britches.  I start to find myself on top of the world (albeit a totally weird little world) when  1,152 more words

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