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About two weeks after we arrived in Colorado, I worked up the courage to try my first Masters workout. We had already joined a gym close to our house, primarily because they had an outdoor pool that was open year-round – my husband and I had both found swimming at the indoor rec center depressing (though our opinion may change when it’s eight degrees outside). 533 more words

6 C’ing my way through Nursing – Care

Care. Such a little word with such a huge meaning.

My last post about competence/incompetence was a little downbeat I admit. I don’t really feel much better this week, as other things have happened that have made me feel more of the same.  634 more words


Why I Almost Quit Performing

Tonight I’ll be on stage.  Along with two other accomplished musicians, I’ll be performing classical and klezmer pieces.  G-d willing, it’s going to be fabulous.  But it almost wouldn’t have happened for me.   856 more words


Did you come here just for an answer?

Here I am, going through my day, and I find I must make a decision. In this particular case, it was whether or not I should post a blog entry I’d typed up. 865 more words


My All-Time Top Ten List - Part One (10 - 6)

Like most of you, I have a prodigious music collection.  Piles and piles of CD’s, albums, 45’s, even 78’s are only outnumbered by the ever-growing external hard drive of mp3’s.    922 more words

Rock Music

Reading update, one down, one on it's way

So I had decided to read more, and I am being very selective about the books I read, because I tend to not have a lot of patience for books I don’t enjoy. 128 more words

Rock Masterpiece: Frampton Comes Alive - Peter Frampton

More than midway through college during the summer of 1976 I can remember seeing Frampton play a solo show at the old Wollman Rink as part of that summer’s… 368 more words

Rock Music