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The SMALL FACES - " Lazy Sunday Afternoon "

Steve Marriott was one of the UK’s great Rock Vocalists and frontman of two of the UK’s most well-known bands, Steve passed away this day April 20th in 1991 after a house fire at his home, remembered for his powerful original singing voice and as a guitarist with bands like the “Small Faces” and the rock band “Humble Pie” his aggressive guitar playing, also in the early days of his career he became an icon for the Mod era due to his dress style, this is just one of the best songs ever and as its Easter Sunday this song is so applicable, the song was inspired by Marriott’s rowing with his neighbours and sung in an exaggerated cockney accent culled from the classic circular released album “Ogdens Nut Flake”, Its understood that the track “Parklife” by Blur was inspired by this song.


Am I As Awesome As I Think I Am?

My best friend asked me for advice. Not “what kind of cereal to buy” advice, but the kind that “alters the course of your destiny” kind of advice. 266 more words

Answered Prayers

We received some good news that reduced me to a puddle of tears on the floor praising and thanking The Lord…

When we were matched with K, we were given pictures of 2 boys and asked to pray about which one would be our forever son. 375 more words

Adoption News


One of the themes for a website I occasionally write for was on grace. I wasn’t able to get my thoughts sorted out in time to submit a piece and I’m still sorting them out. 925 more words



Out now on Turenki Records

Finland’s classic rockers The Milestones are back with the fourth album in their 20 year history. Not exactly prolific but quality over quantity is a rare commodity in this age.  460 more words


Thank You for the Humble Pie

I don’t know if I have said it enough, I don’t think I have, but I am so grateful for the love and support I have received. 488 more words

Literary Pinup

Where’s my break, kit kat bar?

Kit Kat bar encourages us to take a break and enjoy a piece of crunchy goodness. But when I eat a Kit Kat bar all I get is 210 extra calories that I now need to figure out how to burn off and no break. 511 more words