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Overlooking the Trinidad lighthouse, the sun and the north coast fog.



Well this summer was an adventure to say the least. Many decisions were made both good and bad and from it I have learned that my decision making process while under the influence of alcohol is too at risk and thus I have decided to quit drinking. 592 more words

Co-op Adventures...

For some reason this caught my eye today when I was going on a shopping spree at the co-op in Arcata when I was buying bean sprouts.


Nothingness & the Nightsky in ZO Magazine

As a small child, I used to mistakenly believe that physical deterioration was the most unpleasant aspect of getting older. Premonitions of an achy lower back, sore knees, arthritis, a hip replacement (or two), glaucoma haunted me nightly. 190 more words


Prairie Creek State Park, California.

Roosevelt Elk Herd forming up for the Summer of 2014.

Calves feeding on cows. Dominant Bull chasing off young spike bulls to protect the calves. 16 more words


A trip to the seaside

At the weekend me and James went on our first day trip with the language school up to the coast. We visited Warnemünde, which is a little village on the north coast, and Rostock, a harbor town to the south of Warnemünde. 1,165 more words


Bull Roosevelt Elk

Bull Roosevelt Elk breaking through a wall of blackberries near Elk Meadow, Orick , CA.

Grazing near US  Highway 101, we see the handsome Bull with his impressive cape and hardened antlers.