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Meet Nala

A sidewalk stroll through a residential section of Arcata revealed several pets and wonderful flower gardens.  This is Nala.  She is adept at jumping from the sidewalk to fence top. 8 more words


Humboldt Made Recognizes Fire & Light

Humboldt Made is one of our greatest supporters. They specialize in promoting the use of Humboldt Made products and services that benefit the community in different ways. 38 more words


Caspian Tern

Frequenting the coastal regions of Northern California, the Caspian Tern and a few cohorts soar on winds looking for tell tale signs of glistening small fish for its next protein rich meal.


Cliff Swallows

Cliff Swallows on a Wire (twisted cable) making a day of it, enjoying the sun and light breezes along an area of the Eel River Valley, Humboldt County, CA. 12 more words


My Amish Afternoon

There’s a scene in Humboldt: Or, The Power of Positive Thinking where the main character is called to testify in dreamcourt. From the witness stand, he admits: “lately, I’ve been thinking about the reality of unreality and the unreality of reality.” In… 777 more words


Cormorant: Double Crested

Distinctive features, eerily haunting eyes.

The estuary and lower portions of the Eel River, Humboldt County, CA, holds a few of these interesting creatures.  The Double Crested Cormorant is seldom seen compared to the more abundant species of Common Cormorant.   15 more words