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wife sharing - a fantasy - part 7

i expect them to rush me all at once, and i brace myself. but it’s just one of them, not the one i like. this one lies down on top of me. 686 more words

My initiation with Mistress

After many failed attempts at finding a Mistress that could make me feel safe yet always knowing my place is beneath Her I’ve finally come full circle to find an amazing and powerful Woman. 430 more words

Mistress Snow

RT: Russia won't get involved in geopolitical intrigues and conflicts - Putin

Published time: November 26, 2014 14:55

Russian President Vladimir Putin (RIA Novosti / Alexey Druzhinin)

Russia threatens no one and will stay aloof from geopolitical intrigues, however strongly anyone may wish to pull the country into them, said Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, addressing a meeting on the development of the armed forces. 117 more words


What is the solution to put a stop to violence against women?

Trigger Warning: Sexual abuse

A fist connects with her face and the imprint it makes will last much longer than the time it takes for the bruise to fade. 492 more words

Guest Bloggers

Grounds for Rumination

Early one frosty morning in a the In the Big Windy Hospital and University Coffee Shop, campus, Rita Mae still studies for a neuroscience exam. The Coffee Shop, one of the many, corner by corner, complex by complex, overtaking the landscape, was not convenient, especially not during the hours available to her for study. 1,338 more words

The Office

Alone with him in his office the girl shook from head to toe. Her hands hugged her legs, wrapped around her tummy, hid her breasts under her cotton shirt. 2,217 more words

Drawn to Many Things, To These We Are Not

Many and various are the things to which a man may feel himself drawn, but one thing there is to which no man ever felt himself drawn in any way, that is, to suffering and humiliation.   46 more words