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A Weekend Away

Since Hannah had given him a key to the house, Todd was regularly at our house, eating food that I provided and then fucking my wife.   3,316 more words


"Peace Train" and perfecting the "Walk of Shame" ...

We’ve all been there … even if we don’t like to talk about it. It is the most difficult thing in the transformative journey that is the counselling process to find the hiding places, in our mind, where we store, covet and protect – those parts of ourselves about which – we are ashamed. 290 more words


The Exceeding Benefits of Humiliation

The odour of a foot is rank enough, but what about the taste?

Yet which one of us has not put our foot in our mouth, metaphorically of course (I personally lack the flexibility). 686 more words

Day 76, 289 More to Go!

I am finally feeling better! My stomach is better, my period is hurting less and altogether I am feeling back to normal. The light feeling in my gut after eating well again is worth banishing all of the cravings that I have. 603 more words

Weight Loss

The older and more experienced we get, the nicer we should be: We should start banishing the opposite perception about grumpy old people in offices.

Today, I just got humiliated by a higher-position-holder at an educational institution I have just been. I really feel the urge to share it here for whether we admit it or not, humiliation done by “higher” people whether in public and private institutions is very prevalent. 464 more words

Baseless Actions

Is it not senseless to deride
another person
by tearing at the scars
they so desperately try to hide?
Your actions are baseless
while you try to abase us. 33 more words


Pins and needles 5

As the heavy stock door swung open, Sammy felt her body lean into the warm light coming from the barn.
“There you are, pet.” She heard his voice before she saw him step into¬† the light. 921 more words