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Does the world hate women?

I don’t know whether I would use a term and emotion as strong as “hate” here but this certainly does not negate that horrendous incidents like these keep occurring everyday. 306 more words


How Embarrassed He Was

I absolutely love retelling Bible stories! I see it as a sweet form of creativity and ability to make those stories we know of a little more understandable. 1,055 more words

Unclassy Kathy

Now the story I’m about to tell you will probably go down in history as my second (yes second, there was that encounter with a lesbian that will always be number one) most failed attempt at being shot down by a girl, and not just shot down, I mean crashed and burned and dragged through the gutter, tarred and feathered and beaten to a bloody pulp, then hung out to dry in front of public display and scrutiny. 943 more words

Short Stories