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Song Review: Humiliation, by The National

I want to tell you about a song. Some of you immediately said ‘I’m not a music person’…others said ‘ok’. For those of you who aren’t music people, I understand…but don’t turn off yet. 158 more words



Many great ideas have been lost because the people who had them couldn’t stand being laughed at.

(Do you have any great ideas you’re holding out on?)


A shot at fame and embarrassment (at a very small scale)

In today’s English reading and composition class, we were analysing The Faerie Queen, book one by Edmund Spenser. If you have read this poem, you will know that it is VERY deep and insane. 312 more words

The DAILY Word

Monica Lewinsky and the Empathy Crisis

Back in 1998 I was a little fixated on why Monica Lewinsky didn’t just take her blue dress to the drycleaner like anyone else. I avidly read  878 more words


Touching Upon the Story

I struggle.  Not with the end of my marriage but with issues that occurred in the marriage which I haven’t fully resolved. Everybody around me more or less knows why the relationship ended; he walked out on me following a years affair with a not so pretty 24 year old. 180 more words


A Weekend Away

Since Hannah had given him a key to the house, Todd was regularly at our house, eating food that I provided and then fucking my wife.   3,316 more words