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Just love.
Be steadfast in believing,
Remain hopeful,
Remain patient,
To wait,
Continuous determination.
Remain in the arms of
A dream. 77 more words


The Courageous Humility of William Wilberforce

I recently finished Eric Metaxas’ biography of William Wilberforce: Amazing Grace – William Wilberforce and the Heroic Campaign to End Slavery. It is a fantastic and thoroughly enjoyable read that I happily recommend for your reading pleasure. 739 more words

Christian Living

Holy Week 2014: Tuesday

After a long hard winter, it seemed like spring had finally come to St. Louis. This weekend brought warm-ish weather and sunshine, and allowed the good folks who pitched in at our church workday to spend some time working outside, cleaning out some neglected areas and planting flowers in our little courtyard. 709 more words


Praying With An Undivided Heart

In the midst of Psalm 86’s barrage of “calls for fire” (14 petitions) is a penetrating insight enclosed within a request,

Teach me your way, O LORD, and I will walk in your truth; …

580 more words

14/30 - Oh Let Us Be Humble

How quickly we forget
the fingertip bits that shape us,
carve us, spine up,
into the bent temples that we are,
glorious in our immaculate imperfections, 78 more words


Kerendahan Hati (2)

Kerendahan hati tipe pertama mengandaikan suatu cinta akan kebaikan yang muncul karena pengakuan bahwa manusia itu diciptakan Tuhan. Orang ngaku bahwa dirinya adalah makhluk ciptaan, dan juga… 575 more words

Daily Reflection

The Golden Rule Is The Right Rule

God keeps a journal of everything that we do when we interact with others, and how we interact with others. Everything gets documented, even the little things that we think may not matter. 140 more words