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A Lowly Mind

When thou makest a dinner or a supper, call not thy friends, nor thy brethren, neither thy kinsmen, nor thy rich neighbours; lest they also bid thee again, and a recompence be made thee. 630 more words

Opposites: A Humourous Approach to Balancing Acts

Yin and yang, dark and light, soft and hard, cold and hot, female and male. Working with these opposing characteristics everyday makes the world go round and mat practice interesting. 959 more words


Manners, or How Captain Obvious Gave Me a Swift Punch to the Forehead

My family. In public we’re polite, elbows off the table kind of people. We pardon our reaches, we request that you please pass the salt, we apologize profusely when we accidentally brush your arm. 469 more words


The Problem of Compliments

I love doing art in the church and I hope it doesn’t sound braggadocious to say this, but a lot of other people love what I do. 363 more words



It might seem mysterious.



But all it’s about, is believing in, appreciating and humbling oneself before The Creator and Sustainer of all that exists.


Life's One Tragedy

By Katie

“Life holds only one tragedy: not to have been a saint.” – Leon Bloy

What? That is the only tragedy life holds? These intense words (to me at least) struck me at the very beginning of what is now my favorite book on Catholicism, “Louder than Words” by Matthew Leonard. 567 more words


Whoever loves becomes humble. Those who love have, so to speak, pawned a part of their narcissism.

Sigmund Freud may have been a cokehead but the man really knew what he was talking about.