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Good Morning Company

I was watering my plants this morning and this little guy popped out from behind.  He followed me from plant pot to plant pot until I had finished watering all the flowers. 46 more words

More Tangling with Templates

I’m totally hooked!  Every Monday I can’t wait for Ben Kwok to post a new template in his Facebook group, ‘Ornation Creation‘.  I also love viewing everyone else’s work and it is incredible how different the same template becomes in other people’s hands.  27 more words


The Humming Bird

Hi there everyone, how are you all?

Yesterday as I was walking our dog early in the morning I saw something small and round, the size of a hazel nut,  with a very thin long black stick coming out of it hidden in the grass near the side walk. 1,077 more words

My BackYard

My parents have a great backyard. I spent a huge amount of my youth hanging out in that large expanse of lawn and garden. Even as an adult I spend quite a bit of time out there when I visit. 158 more words


Humming Bird

She was like a hummingbird in flight.
Wings at a constant, graceful,
Perpetual motion of emotion.
Never adhering to one fixed point,
Or a solid, singular purpose, 180 more words


A Lesson From Amish Country: Hearing The Buzz

We drove to the outer edge of the Amish community and shut our radio off– it just seemed the right thing to do, entering a place that calls itself quiet and calm. 390 more words