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When the Humming Bird Hums (Draft 1)

I Can Hear The Humming Bird (Draft 1)

A little ordinary bird told me
the humming bird can hear
the flower sing the tune of the petal… 56 more words

Douglas Gilbert


When I was walking by I thought – what a big butterfly?   Then I took a second look.  This little guy was so very busy – this may not be a perfect picture, but I think it’s a great one for a first shot!


Blackbird 2

I had taken its pic that morning and had shared it as previous post…but it didnt seem satisfied and woke me up from a leisure summer afternoon nap which has become a luxury since i left school. 18 more words

Citizen Science

At one time all scientists were amateurs. Most were gentlemen with private incomes like Charles Darwin or clergymen like the Rev. Gilbert White whose church stipend enabled him to spend spare time rambling in the Hampshire countryside. 947 more words


Climbing the Andes - Catching the early birds

I awoke the next morning very early, from a combination of cold, excitement at getting ready for the road, and also a comradely fascination in seeing another scientist at work.  950 more words