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Hummus taste test: homemade or shop bought?

Since moving to the Middle East my husband has become a hummus FIEND. This transformation has surprised no one more than me, especially considering that he originally thought hummus was made from potatoes! 597 more words


Mushroom Recipe

I didn’t know what to call this recipe as its just something I came up with one morning for breakfast, using what ever was left in the fridge, but it actually turned out to be really tasty and simple. 264 more words


Cracker Snack take one!

Multi-seed Jacob’s crackers topped with hummus,avocado,olives,pumpkin seeds, chia seeds & sunflower seeds!

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Super Creamy Lemon-Caper Butter Bean Hummus

The other day in the car I started thinking about flavors my family really likes and how I could translate them into packable, easy lunch options. 360 more words


Kebab and Hummus

To me there is nothing better than discovering a new restaurant, especially those hole-in-the-wall surprises that you would never think were good (or maybe you would think the opposite, that only holes-in-walls were good…I digress.)  Last week, I discovered such a gem just a 3-minute walk from my school site.   103 more words


it's just not that difficult...

Alright folks, let’s talk about the elephant in the room… nutrition while travelling. (Not the elephant in the room? Oh… I totally thought it was…) 679 more words

Hummus: Dipping blind vs. dipping smart

I’ve been eating hummus like crazy this summer, and this week inadvertently tried a yummy new flavor – olive tampenade from Saba – that I might like even better than roasted red pepper. 189 more words