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Unplugged Toddler

“No iPads at bedtime this week,” I announced to my children.

“Awww, no, Mom!”

“I will tell you pretend stories and read books.” They opened their mouths to protest again. 550 more words


Cameron's Call to Christians

The UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, is a Christian who would like to see Christians playing a more active role in society, promoting Christian values… 28 more words


Chronicles of an alcoholic


Hi, my name is Eleanor and I am alcoholic. I have not attended  these meetings for a while. I have been drinking a lot. 506 more words

Everything And Anything

You don't know the meaning of zen and patience...

…until you’ve gone shoe shopping with a woman that can’t find a pair that fits or matches her outfits.


Bracing For the Future


You know how some stars are known for their gap-toothed smile? Think of Micheal Strahan or 70s model Lauren Hutton. Looks good, hasn’t hurt their career, it’s even a trademark they’re known by. 145 more words

Horoscopes are like hanger-ons...

….They tell you what you want to hear, right up to the point where you jump off the cliff.


iPhone Users are the USA of the Phone Industry

Here’s some food for thought: iPhone users are to the phone industry as the United States is to the world. Both Americans and iPhone users are very proud of who they represent, but neither could give you a good reason for why they think they’re better than everyone else. 326 more words