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Rudolph vs Predator Trailer from HaphazardStuff

Simply turning on the news, one quickly realizes that there is much ignorance and anger in our world with which one could easily be overwhelmed. 159 more words


Dogs are Sloppier Drinkers than Cats

Here’s Why…”Cats and dogs lap liquid with their tongue, but seemingly small differences on the way canines drink water cause them to drink more sloppily than felines. 21 more words


Dr Who has a meltdown

This made me laugh. If only Dr Who was really like this.


Second City, Take 2: Four Noble Truths at the Newark Airport

I’m a writer. I teach writing. Once in a while, I think of myself as kinda funny.

But now that I’m taking comedy writing classes at Second City, I feel like I’ve just been taught this secret side language I never knew. 818 more words

The Meaning Of Life

Too Ugly to Live

Abraham Lincoln used to tell the story about a time he was splitting rails when a man carrying a rifle walked up to him and demanded that Lincoln look him directly in the eye. 75 more words


I don't subscribe to the notion of a no-win scenario...

…but just because I do pay for it once in awhile, it doesn’t make me a quitter.


The difference between a warning sign and a danger sign...

…is that one tells you to tread lightly, and the other tells you that if you’ve tread you’re dead.

But when it comes to the sexes, we’re all rolling the dice anyway.