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Brita and the crazy

Of course when you have horses, eventually you will have to sell one. It happens. For whatever reason, you need to rehome a horse, either to cut down, you and the horse are not a good match, you are contracted to sell it for someone else, or you picked up the horse to train and now it is time for it to move on, or whatever. 2,209 more words


Sometime during the last cold snap of the endless winter of  2013 – 2014, the windshield in our PT Cruiser cracked. Nothing specific happened. It just cracked. 180 more words


A Primer On Admitting Students To Brown College

Reading Mr. Lundy’s April 18th post stirred up something powerful inside of me. No, it was not the last meal I had from Newcomb. But it was something stronger: nostalgia. 597 more words

Brown College

Heal with Humor

Sometimes it’s hard to laugh or even crack a smile when your feeling down. But, everyone needs a good laugh every once in a while, right?   97 more words


Why Foreplay is Important

Men and women have different ideas when it comes to foreplay

Women like men to get all lovey-dovey feely before they go for goal

whereas men count buying the woman beer and pizza as foreplay… 61 more words


25 Songs, 25 Days, Day 24

Day Twenty-Four:   A song you’ve danced to with your best friends.

There’s been lots of songs and lots of boogy-ing over the years in this group of friends, but probably none that was as well documented as this one.   221 more words