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The Simpleton's Jackass

Once, two rogues spotted a simpleton leading a jackass by a leash. One rogue said to the other, “Watch, I’ll rob that fool of his jackass just as easily as anything you’ve ever seen!” … 431 more words

The Miller, His Son, and Their Jackass

Once, coming him from a long stay in a nearby village, a Miller and his son lead their slow, ponderous jackass through a dense wood. Soon, while plunging along the path, they came to a trio of girls, who began to point and laugh, saying, “Look at those fools, struggling along in the heat when they could be riding upon that jackass. 495 more words


Been a Bit

Not that a ton of people read my blog, but I do apologize for not writing. I suppose I should maybe apologize to myself; after all, this is supposed to be my own form of therapy. 649 more words


Poetry Corner Night 4

All right guys, I know it’s been a while since we gathered for another night of sipping cappuccinos and snapping our fingers to some delightfully saucy acts. 449 more words


How to Acquire a Library Locker: The Interview

THE INTERVIEW is by far the most crucial step in acquiring a library locker, which allows you to store books and shed the visible NERD STIGMA that would otherwise follow you around campus. 307 more words


SENRYU -- 09212014

old couple

at lunch — a Kindle

and a cell phone


© Copyright 2013-2014 Ron Evans 11 more words


Bad Guys and Baaaad Guys

This weekend Tommy and I watched about the last hour or so of The Return of Superman on t.v. I’m not sure how many Superman movies there are so I’ll just clarify that it’s the one with Kevin Spacey. 393 more words