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Glenn Wargo's Astrology Notes #1

As just about all readers of this blog know, astrology is a load of bunk, hokum, hooey, or as Dr. Beachcombing would say, “cobblers”.  But, in the hands of Glenn Wargo of… 111 more words

Amateur Astronomers


We visited an aquarium this weekend..and saw this very cool sculpture. I personally love penguins. They always seems so cute and formal in their tuxedos…ironically a couple was getting married at the aquarium in front of the penguin exhibit…they were already dressed for the part…lol


What Is A Girl to Do?

What’s a girl to do when she has a flat tire? Change it, I suppose or get someone else to change it. Or she can opt to have a mode of transportation that doesn’t have wheels at all. 425 more words

To-may-to, To-mah-to

Mr. R. makes me laugh.  I love that about him.

He came home from work today in a bit of a snit.  I met him in the driveway as he was backing in and watched as he clipped the gate with his passenger side mirror.  159 more words