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Search Term Poetry III

As per the rules, all lines are taken from search terms in WordPress Stats – no editing allowed except for truncation at the beginning and the end of phrases. 82 more words


Weighty Subject

Beloved took up weight training recently. I’m not sure it was something he had been planning or dreaming of for a long time, I suspect it was more or less just one of those things that happen. 218 more words

Byron's House Party - from A COUNTRY HOUSE COMPANION

I lost a whole day rediscovering with delight a wonderful, funny and revealing book on the British aristocracy.  Downton Abbey pales next to this amazing expose’ of the high times at the grand country estates in England, a tradition for over five hundred years. 583 more words


Take One For The Team

May have taken this one a little too far…


#Seaworld #Sucks2Suck #TeamTilikum #Blackfish #Tinder #WhyImSingle


Cartoon Craziness Challenge - a Thing, redux

I’m cheating again. I actually do have an idea for a mythical being, based off the comments on my last blog post, but I’d have to be a hell of a lot drunker than I am now. 49 more words