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Where Are You, Sarge?

I reached a kind of milestone with the Pony last week.  I put the last of five coats of yellow paint on the rear left wheel, and with that the entire Pony has  been painted.  1,159 more words


How Not to Go Clubbing

  1. Show up really early. Like 8 o’clock early. Most people won’t get there until 11 or later, so you’ll have already established yourself by then and you’ll have the entire layout mapped in your mind.
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Not Sparkly, Never Sparkly

Baron H is back as a guest blogger today (if you missed his earlier installments, you can read them here and here).  As always, he has a particularly… long view of mortal affairs which is refreshing.   617 more words

Gentle Elitism

Ape's new face

Things are weird at my work today. Really? No kidding? Yes indeed.

Ape came in about an hour ago and said he’d been at the dentist. 76 more words


The Only Variable

I took a night off from kung fu last night, which always leaves me anxious to get back a little faster.  My mind’s already in the guan. 638 more words

Martial Arts