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He's a Creep, He's a Weirdo - Part I

I resent getting told, “You look like you’re twelve” not because I have anything against twelve-year-olds, but because I haven’t been twelve for over a decade. 1,235 more words


You don't bat husbands on the head with a rolling pin until later!

This post is all about smiling and chuckling. Enjoy a few minutes of classic humor including some links to some short clips of classic Mel Blanc. 303 more words

Get it together people!!

Maybe I need to get a better class of friends ;-) Those that can handle their alcohol!! LOL!!



No, I’m not talking about physical exercise (the kind that my friend and yours, Ricardo Cahill, engages in regularly, reaching for a cold one). I refer to  428 more words


We fit together like sexy Lego.


My son enlightens older sister on THE J WORD

I found myself in an unfamiliar place the other night – the laundry room. I try to visit it as seldom as I can, which is only hen I run out of clean underwear. 426 more words