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Oops I did it again!

Well, I must confess…. I fell off the no sugar wagon. Not only was my foot tied to it, which resulted in me being drug down a very bumpy, rocky road…. 454 more words


The Second Time Around

I’m a big fan of Jesus Christ and I think most people agree that his teachings are all poignant and valuable to us as human beings and the guy got a really bad rap. 499 more words


SNOW you Didn't

DID you get the massive snow from Mother Nature this week too?

Well..Then here you, go! You’re Welcome.

Brook Stephens

Ode To A Stranger

Tonight, as I was taking a leisurely walk with my dog in the sunshine after work, I came across a young man whom I’ve never seen before, and was inspired to write the following: 53 more words


Cheap ass Ape

Ape is the biggest cheap ass, even though he makes more than most of us. He is constantly asking to “borrow” money for lunch, and he has a bad habit of “forgetting” to give change back if he makes a lunch run for us. 90 more words