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I’ve been working out more lately and my out of shape body is starting to rebel. But too bad right? It helps with the depression – big time. 67 more words

Mental Health


I know you’ve noticed lately I’ve been posting more stuff about my kids and my marriage and what not. Well, I’m making some changes.

I blog the night before – … 286 more words

Mental Health


So I found my daughter playing with my asthma pump. I said: GASP and took it away from her. This was her response…

Like how she looked over her shoulder to make sure I was looking at her?

How Am I Still Functioning


So it’s after dinner here and the kids are high on lack of sleep as per usual. My parents happened to be sitting in the living room, my dad sweetly trying to steal kisses from his overtired grandkids; when this happened. 97 more words



I’ve been living on a low high….manageable but still hypo nonetheless. Yesterday was gonna take the kids to the DC Zoo….it’s only 40degrees here. Yeah knew I needed to keep myself in check after my mom looked at me like I was 10 shades of crazy. 241 more words



So we had homeschool co-op today. I was with the nursery worker today, usually I’m with the boy in his class but today I was with the girl. 103 more words