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M.C. Iggy returns! (You knew this was coming.)

Yo, M.C. Iggy in the house, y’all, pickin’ up the treats and droppin’ the beats!

First things first, I’m the cutest

Down girl, you know the whole world knew this… 208 more words


Peer pressure.

“This is uncomfortable.”

You’re getting subcutaneous fluids. You’re dehydrated. Hold still.

“My skin is stretching. Yuck.”

It’s temporary. Your body will absorb it, and you’ll be fine. 118 more words


Iggy does the math.

“No no no no no no no!”

Aw, come on, Iggy, let me take a picture.


Why not?

“You do this all the time. As soon as I settle in to an activity, or lay down for a nap, you go ‘oh how adorable’ and you take pictures. 566 more words


Iggy gets a training aid.

Iggy, are you still my friend?


Oh, come on.

“No. Go away. You’re mean.”

Don’t be like that.

“You put a thing on my snout!” 404 more words


Smart shopping.

“What’s that sound?”

Do you like it?

“No. It’s annoying.”

It’s Through a Dog’s Ear, Volume 1.

“What, you mean like Sticking Knitting Needles Through a Dog’s Ear, Volume 1? 300 more words


This is why we can't have nice things.

“Hmm. These boots don’t smell familiar.”

They’re new.

“Oh, that explains it. They’re nice.”

Thank you.

“Can I eat them?”


“Okay, I won’t.”

Good. 83 more words


My husband is a better mom

I’m serious. Sometimes I think my husband is a better mom. He’s more patient, acts as a buffer to my craziness, more understanding of the kids. 181 more words