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A couple of terrorist were making letter bombs.

After they had finished, one said: “Do you think I put enough explosive in this envelope?

“I don’t know,” said the other. 21 more words


Iggy needs explanations.

“Oooh! Look! A tree! Oh boy oh boy oh boy!”

Yes, Iggy, it’s a Christmas tree.

“Oh boy oh boy oh boy!”

Calm down, Iggy. 397 more words


Invisible man

The nurse said to the doctor, ” There is an invisible man in the waiting room.”

The doctor replied, “Tell him I cant see him right now”

Integrative Medicine

More Visuals to Describe Finals Week via BuzzFeed...

When you go into a final unprepared:

Hardcore scholarly research



Aw, look at widdle Iggy!

“Zzzz–hmmph… huh?”

Who’s my toasty Iggy? You are! Yes you are! You’re my toasty Iggy!


My toasty puppy!

“Seriously?” 97 more words


Check Out My Article

Happy Friday fellow bloggers! I wrote this article for some college website and I get paid based on how many views it gets so a) you should read it because it’s kind of funny and b) you should read it because I get money and you like me remember? 52 more words