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Um... Iggy?



I know, Brian. Look, Iggy, it’s nice that you’re sitting on command –

“Yes! Yes, I am! What’s the problem now?

Well, it’s just that – 292 more words


Dont get railroaded by this train story

A brilliant young boy was applying for a job with the railways. The interviewer asked him: “Do you know how to use the equipment?” “Yes”, the boy replied. 138 more words


Iggy spends quality time with Brian.

Hi, Brian, how was your day?

Tiring. But not too bad, really.

You’ve worked the early shift for how long, two weeks now? How are you adjusting? 410 more words


A great way to start the day.

Good morning, Iggy.


You okay?

“Ugh. How long did I sleep?”

All night. You — HA HA HA HA!


Nothing, sorry. Just — ha ha ha ha ha! 54 more words


Iggy comforts the afflicted.

“Hey Karen!”

What, Iggy?

“Hey Karen! Hey Karen! Hey Karen!”

Ugh. Dot dow, Iggy.

“I wrote you a poem! Wanna read it to you!”

I cad’t wait to hear it. 273 more words


Tonight there's gonna be a jailbreak.

“Psst — hey! Reader people! I did it! I escaped! Karen left the crate door unlocked, and I snuck out! I’m free! What a badass I am! 240 more words


Day 29.


Yes, Iggy?

“Can I ask you something?”

Sure, Iggy, go ahead.

“Do you suppose dung beetles feel pride?”


“You know, like, do they get a huge bit of dung, roll it to wherever they bring it, and go, ‘Look at this killer hunk of dung I found all by myself, damn, I’m a kick-ass dung beetle’?” 197 more words