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Iggy copes with loss.

“Hey, what did I win?”


“The photo contest. What did I win?”

Oh, that. Sorry, Iggy, you didn’t make the finals.

“What?! I didn’t?” 281 more words


Wine Wednesday Bitchez

I’VE BEEN SUCH A TERRIBLE BLOG HOSTESS AND I’M SORRY. I’m going to be posting a lot more since midterms are over. Next week will be filled with awk-sauce stories (that probably revolve around my favorite subject (me)), a poem about what a terrible blogger I have been and awful contemporary song lyrics that make me chuckle. 7 more words


Iggy really wants your vote.

Hi, everyone. Just a reminder that today is the last day you can vote for Iggy in that pet photo contest Iggy and I have been telling you about. 245 more words


Which is Worse: Drunk People or High People?

If you didn’t already know, just do a Google search.

First, type in Drunk People and look at the scary, awful and disgusting pictures that come up. 27 more words


Iggy approves a campaign ad.

Fluffy says he wants to win the Publix Paws Photo Contest to get a supermarket gift card for his human. What Fluffy doesn’t say is that he favors cutting funds for early childhood education. 89 more words



Thousands of Love/Hate fans are worried about Elmo’s state of mind and the innocence of two garden gnomes in tonight’s episode entitled “Gnasty Gnasty Gnome”, after a disturbing photo from tonight’s episode was mysteriously leaked online. 185 more words


Iggy asks for your vote.

“Hi reader people — Iggy here! You know that photo contest Karen and I have mentioned before? Well, it’s still going on. You can vote every day through October 21st. 159 more words