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Which is Worse: Drunk People or High People?

If you didn’t already know, just do a Google search.

First, type in Drunk People and look at the scary, awful and disgusting pictures that come up. 27 more words


Iggy approves a campaign ad.

Fluffy says he wants to win the Publix Paws Photo Contest to get a supermarket gift card for his human. What Fluffy doesn’t say is that he favors cutting funds for early childhood education. 89 more words



Thousands of Love/Hate fans are worried about Elmo’s state of mind and the innocence of two garden gnomes in tonight’s episode entitled “Gnasty Gnasty Gnome”, after a disturbing photo from tonight’s episode was mysteriously leaked online. 185 more words


Iggy asks for your vote.

“Hi reader people — Iggy here! You know that photo contest Karen and I have mentioned before? Well, it’s still going on. You can vote every day through October 21st. 159 more words


Partly Cloudy or Mostly Sunny?

What the hell is the difference? Is this a glass half empty, half full thing?
And then there is Mostly Cloudy and Party Sunny. WTF?!


Iggy, outside.

“So much time in solitary–“

You’re not in prison, Iggy, you’re getting over heartworm treatment.

“–but still, I remember this.”

What do you remember? 439 more words


Wine for Dinner Makes You Fun-er

Hello friends. I’m going through a tough time right now so I will not be able to post as often. Yes, you guessed it. I have MIDTERMS. 75 more words