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Two 'pseudoscorpions' discovered in Grand Canyon cave

By Tia Ghose

Published December 11, 2014

Two new species of cave-adapted, eyeless pseudoscorpions have been discovered in a cave on the northern rim of the Grand Canyon. 703 more words

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Curiosity Rover Drills Into Mars Rock, Finds Water


Miriam Kramer

© NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS The hole drilled into this rock target, called “Cumberland,” was made by NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity on May 19, 2013.NASA’s Curiosity rover is continuing to help scientists piece together the mystery of how Mars lost its surface water over the course of billions of years.The rover drilled into a piece of Martian rock called Cumberland and found some ancient water hidden within it. 427 more words

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Why Sony Deserves to Lose Over $100 Million

Ever since I saw the first trailer for the movie “The Interview” I was disgusted.  Seth Rogen and James Franco have become the Cheech and Chong of the millennial crowd.   382 more words

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6,000-year-old temple with possible sacrificial altars discovered

By Owen Jarus

Published October 21, 2014

A temple dating back about 6,000 years has been discovered within a massive prehistoric settlement in Ukraine. (courtesy Nataliya Burdo and Mykhailo Videiko/Institute of Archaeology NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv.) 510 more words

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