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Vehicles - If you could only choose one...

Which vehicle would you choose if you could have only one of the following? 99 more words

Humor And Observations

More Amy Wilder Pictures...

By popular demand, more pictures of cosplayer, steampunk fan, Calendar girl and model Amy Wilder. 168 more words

Humor And Observations

Artist Wife Takes Sharpie to Husband's Car

When the owner of this Nissan Skyline GTR decided that he didn’t like the silver color of his car, he had his wife take a sharpie to it. 74 more words

Humor And Observations

Jewelry That Harvests Energy From Your Veins

October 21, 2014 | by Kristy Hamilton

photo credit: Courtesy of Naomi Kizhner

Naomi Kizhner, an industrial designer and graduate student from Hadassah College in Jerusalem, has designed jewelry that theoretically extracts energy from the wearers own body. 137 more words

Humor And Observations

Earth's magnetic field could flip in our lifetime

By Kelly Dickerson, Staff Writer

Published October 21, 2014

Earth’s magnetic poles could flip sooner than originally expected. (UC Berkeley)

A pilot looking down at her plane controls and realizing magnetic north is hovering somewhere over Antarctica may sound like a scene from a science-fiction movie, but new research suggests the idea isn’t so far-fetched in the relatively near future. 678 more words

Humor And Observations

World's Largest Spider Found - Ack!

Goliath encounter: Puppy-sized spider surprises scientist in rainforest

By Tanya Lewis

Published October 20, 2014

The South American Goliath birdeater (Theraphosa blondi) is the world’s largest spider, according to Guinness World Records. 664 more words

Humor And Observations