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Give This Awesome Teacher An Award For Her Response To Profanity-Laced Letter From Student

An English teacher at McKinley High School (city unknown) recently received a profanity-laced letter from one of her students that was taped to her classroom door. 140 more words

Humor And Satire

Rush Destroys Obama In Hilarious Parody Song: Vlad Sings To Barry

Yeah, this is funny

 In a parody of the 60s hit, “Come Back When You Grow Up,” Rush Limbaugh’s remix has Vladimir Putin singing to Barack Obama. Nuff said. Enjoy.


Hey, What If Google Was Just A Guy?

I don’t think I’d want this job

“If Google was a Guy (Part 2)” envisions how Google as an ordinary guy might react to the myriad of “questions” he gets on a daily basis. 10 more words


Watch Brian Williams Rap 'Rapper's Delight' - Sort Of

This is hilarious

Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show is off to a good start. This one speaks for itself.


Seriously? Wild Pack Of Chihuahuas Terrorizes Phoenix, Arizona

Chihuahuas gone wild!!!

KNXV-AZ in Phoenix, Arizona reports that an area neighborhood is being overrun by a pack of stray Chihuahuas. Really. And local officials are asking residents to try corralling them in their yards while they call for help. 63 more words