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The Application

Rouged and powdered, I sat  like a mannequin displaying my resplendent self. How and why had I become a part of this burlesque? The dress had been specially selected by my mother, head bowed eyes downcast, nodding absently…do I know myself….acquiesce to my parents will, defines me today. 423 more words

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Andrew Klavan Explains Why Republicans Are Smarter Than Democrats. AND More Liberal.

Love this guy

In his latest video, Andrew Klavan knocks down the myths surrounding Republicans and presents instead the Revolting Truth that they are smarter, kinder, more compassionate and more liberal than their Democrat counterparts. 128 more words


Jose Padua: Avenue Banana

Living on Avenue Banana
in the 1990s is not a lot like
drinking tea. I look up to the sky.
You shout at people driving by… 174 more words


When the FBI knocks on your door, you should handle it just like this woman.

An Austin, Texas woman, who is a peaceful antiwar activist, was visited by the FBI. They wanted to know if she knew of  “any plans to destroy property.” Here’s how she handled it. 7 more words

Social Justice

Jose Padua: A poem in which chocolate is a metaphor for the great power hidden inside us

When my daughter asks why we are eating chocolate
when we’re supposed to be eating
just healthy food now
that we’re on diets I explain… 113 more words


Jose Padua: Socialism

In the town of
Front Royal where
I live I am a socialist.

I live there with
my socialist wife
and my socialist daughter
and my socialist son. 31 more words

Social Justice