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Movie Myths About... Makeovers

Anne Hathaway once played Mia Thermopolis, who underwent a makeover under the guidance of Queen, Clarisse Renaldi, played by Julie Andrews in The Princess Diaries… 944 more words

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What's the big deal about...Chrissy Teigen?

If you’re not an avid Sports Illustrated reader, you may be missing out on the world’s most physically fit comical genius. That might sound strange to you, but model and actress Chrissy Teigen isn’t exactly what you would think of as a typical supermodel. 532 more words

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Staycation vs. Vacation: Which Wins?

In the midst of a financial crisis and a very limited job market, cutbacks and lifestyle changes are happening everywhere. To save money, people have done away with cable subscriptions and taken up Netflix, switched from regular cell phone carriers to prepaid phones, traded in their SUV for smaller, fuel efficient cars and, lastly, said goodbye to their two-week long extravagant vacations. 936 more words

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Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned from...'Titanic'!

It never fails. Every time I watch the movie Titanic I still think there’s a possibility they won’t hit the iceberg. To my dismay, (SPOILER ALERT!) they still hit the iceberg.


5 Theme Parks to Add to Your Bucket List!

Summer is upon us, and fun summer trips to theme parks are in full swing. The Disney parks are bustling, Six Flags and Busch Gardens and all the other amusement parks are packed with eager coaster-riders. 654 more words

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Someecard of the Week 07/06/2014

Each week The Daily Quirk scours Someecards for cards that get our staff laughing and pick one to be Someecard of the Week here on the site to share the fun with you. 41 more words

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What's the big deal about...Chelsea Peretti?

What’s the big deal about Chelsea Peretti? I first saw her perform in Los Angeles two years ago and her unique style of comedy has made me want to follow her career ever since. 576 more words

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