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Your First Time... Camping Out for a Store Opening Event

Recently I camped out for twenty-four hours in a hot parking lot waiting for a major fast food chain to open a new location. A friend and I went on a whim with very little preparation. 748 more words

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VIDEO: An Inside Look at Cosplay at Dragon Con 2014

The Daily Quirk was on hand at Dragon Con 2014, arguably the south’s largest and most exciting comic and entertainment convention, where cosplay is not just welcome, it’s celebrated with its own parade! 239 more words

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The Best Celebrity Instagram Accounts: Pet Edition

When it comes to Instagram, the only thing better than pictures of the hottest stars are snapshots of their adorable pets! From Miley Cyrus to Ed Sheeran, we’ve got the scoop on some of your favorite celebs’ furriest friends. 406 more words


Holy Dragon Con, Batman! The hottest fandom event in the south delivers on entertainment and excitement!

Holy Dragon Con, Batman! Over Labor Day weekend, thousands of fans from every type of fandom gathered in Atlanta, GA to show off their passion for cosplay and all things geek. 679 more words

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The Best Celebrity Instagram Accounts: Summer Vacation Edition

As if we weren’t already jealous enough over the lives of our favorite celebrities, their daily Instagrams of tropical vacations and exotic getaways make us wish even more that we were in their shoes. 556 more words

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5 Outrageous Adventures to Add to Your Bucket List!

While the expression “kick the bucket” has long been in existence, the bucket list is a notion that has only gained popularity in the last decade. 1,123 more words

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5 Things Dogs Do Every Day That I Could Never Get Away With as a Human

It’s funny how strictly bound we humans are by social norms, while our pets are free to be as wild as they please. Just think about all the inappropriate-verging-on-disturbing things dogs get away with doing that we humans never could. 998 more words

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