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When friendship trumps light...

Dear Diana,

When I awakened at 3:30 a.m. Colorado time, my first thought was that I was glad you weren’t here. I turned on the light, made some coffee, wrote for awhile, went for a workout, and then came back and got ready for the day. 942 more words

Laughing has always been considered by theologians as a crime.

Ministers have always said you will have no respect for our ideas unless you are solemn. Solemnity is a condition precedent to believing anything without evidence. 18 more words


The Shambananas – EA Vol. XIX

Encyclopaedia Avalonia, Vol. XIX …

With the Shambananas one hardly knows where to begin, but it is widely supposed that the Shambhala Healing Centre, below the south-eastern slopes of Glastonbury Tor, is as good a place as any. 594 more words

Encyclopaedia Avalonia

Five Word Elucidations XV

Art – Getting ideas and generating questions

Design – Getting questions and generating ideas

Artists – People who work to think

Designers – People who think to work… 7 more words