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What did the eye do when it got angry?

Q: What did the eye do when it got angry?

A: The eye lashed out. (Get it? Eye lash?)

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I’m flying Southwest Airlines next week, and I really hope this lady is one of my flight attendants!!!

"MAD EARL FAZ" CHAPTER TWELVE (A Horror Is Discovered Before Sexing)


Fazgood remained in sight of his new patroness, while keeping Calzjha from flirting too much with the guests. He sneaked amused glances at her fuming, befuddled lover. 3,226 more words

7 Habits of Highly Average, Mediocre People

We’ve all read a lot about how to rise to the top, but what if you’re just looking to tread water? Here are 7 easy ways to settle and not disturb the universe: 494 more words