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A Small Dialogue With Sheryl Crow

I went to see Sheryl Crow last night at an old Manchester nightclub called The Ritz. I first saw her  about twenty years ago, at the Academy. 485 more words


4 Questions Every WordPress Blogger Asks Themselves

1. How do I get a hit from somebody located in China/Greenland/Iran?

There is just something horribly frustrating about seeing that empty white space for certain countries on your page views map. 503 more words


How to Shoot Zombies

If there is a zombie apocalypse tomorrow, what would you do? Head to the nearest Costco and barricade yourself? Load up at the Guns & Ammo store? 603 more words

How To

James Cameron's 'Aliens' Recreated in LEGO

Maybe you’re someone who thinks that James Cameron’s big-budget, action-adventure Aliens is superior to the nuanced, claustrophobic, and downright terrifying predecessor directed by Ridley Scott. If you are, fine; I’ll try not to fight you about it. 86 more words


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What makes a man, a man?¬†Is there a solid definition…should there be? I don’t know really! After all, I rarely refer to myself as a man…in fact I don’t think of myself as one. 570 more words


The Bumper Halloween, Angelina Jolie, and Bushveld Rubbish Days

I have been prancing about the street (and elsewhere) like a loon as per usual but I have been distracted by a few work deadlines so I only posted the pics to my Facebook page for my nearest and dearest. 246 more words