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Almanac December 18, 1966: You're a Mean One

In 1957, the most infamous Christmas curmudgeon since Ebeneezer Scrooge made his debut in a picture book . . . Read more.



My nature is just about the polar opposite of industrious. If there were a way to recline and remain immobile and mentally inactive without being in a completely vegetative state while still getting through daily life, I would probably have discovered it by now, but I manage to keep alarmingly close to it in spite of all urgings toward better things. 228 more words

Human Nature

The Road to Valencia

I was ready to leave Granada, I just wasn’t prepared to navigate newly formed bus routes in a foreign country. Before leaving the hotel, the clerk gave me a heads up on there being a change but he was unsure how it fully worked. 919 more words


The Christmas Ass ~ Dec 17, 2014 ~ Christmas Cards

Tis the season to reach out to wish those far and near,
A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
So the ASS got some cards and picked up some pens, 96 more words

Freshly Pressed

Animated Animal Haiku - Tripped By Sand, Edition!

Fleet and sure of foot
Running I am so graceful
Until tripped by sand…



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Planes Are Infested With Bugs And It’s Your Fault!

Published on Dec 15, 2014

This holiday season, while you’re traveling high up in the sky, keep in mind that you’re exposing everyone around you to microscopic dust mites! 152 more words