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Comedy Writing: A Taste of Things to Come

I’ve been diving back into comedy writing lately.  From reading about it to practicing it, It’s something I’ve been interested in for a long time.  I’m always making notes, I improvise a lot, and I’m always thinking of ways I could turn my stream-of-consciousness stuff into videos.  225 more words

I’m Pretty Sure ‘Vincent’ Wants to Skin me Alive and Wear me as a Scarf

Red Flag “Vincent’s” first email to me on a dating site:

“SNITZELBURGERS !! … What else is there to say? I’m Vincent from Maple Ridge. 3,430 more words


Jolly Funeral Policy

Agents selling funeral policies were a fixture in the rural South.  Our budget was too tight for such luxuries as funeral policies, so Mother tried hard to make sure we didn’t die.  310 more words



by Gidon Ben-Zvi (writing as Cliff Magnum)

On the heels of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan’s claim that Muslims discovered America in the 10th century, ISIS has jumped on the bandwagon, initiating proceedings to establish its right to ownership of the entire continental United States. 209 more words

Middle East


As I walked in my first grade classroom in December 1956,  I  wondered what all the excitement in the back of the room was about. The kids were buzzing around a mushy, malodorous pile of paper towels on the floor.  411 more words


Listen, believe me, sister, hardly a soul notices I used to be really a man! Mercy, those fabulous doctors of mine were literal miracle workers!

“Easy, look, come on, I sincerely beg of you to forgive a pretty bad kidder! See, I was only getting in a teeny little bit of fun back there! 211 more words


Communicating Between Generations

Our family was huddled together in the stadium waiting to watch #66 play football. As usual we were engaged in deep conversation. ~aka gossip~ I casually commented that I had talked to Auntie Carol on the telephone that afternoon. 424 more words