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I cannot find the video for this one but in my opinion it is the BEST Christopher Walken SNL skit in my mind.  It’s called Raft Captain. 513 more words


She's gone now

She’s gone now, of course. My old friend’s old dog. I’ve known it for a while but was unwilling to write about it or intentionally race out to the gully when I saw him walking his regular path. 734 more words

Denise Bray Hensley

How is Alice in Wonderland a movie for kids?

I’m not what you would call a prudish parent. I definitely wouldn’t fall too much on the liberal side either. But when I was watching Alice in Wonderland yesterday, I kept thinking to myself ‘how is this a kids movie?!?’ First of all, the heroine is a young girl who is more focused on dreaming of a world of absurdity than paying attention to her studies. 331 more words


SENRYU -- 10202014-14

suburban jogger

followed by a car with his wife

and Gatorade


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