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"Danger Flying Rocks -- 35 mph"

Sometimes travel, like life, is a comedy. You drive along near Monteagle, Tenn., and spot the road sign directing you to ”Fiery Gizzard and Savage Golf Trails.” Savage golf, yeah, let’s put some zip in the game:  Losers get eaten by bears. 717 more words

My Lunch With a Nobel Prize-Winning Author

It isn’t every day I get to have lunch with a Nobel Prize-winning author. More frequently than I see Haley’s Comet, which last came through my neighborhood in 1986, and isn’t expected back for another 50 years, but still, it’s a big deal. 1,274 more words


Clown Arrested After Hitting Man In Face With Pi

Calculo, The Math Loving Clown, was arrested and charged with assault after hitting a Milford man in the face with Pi.

The incident occurred at a child’s birthday party, and the victim, who asked to remain anonymous, was the father of a guest. 341 more words


The improper bodily adjustment or touch

I won’t generalize – it’s few and in between the men (and females) I’ve witnessed doing this, however when it happens more than once, it’s very yuck – in my opinion. 282 more words


Winkie Hodges - They still called him Winkie

Hi readers.  When Keith and I were kids in Portales in 1954,  a boy named Harold Hodges ran around with us a little.  For some reason we called him Winkie.  446 more words

Human Behavior

The Arena of Breakups

My son just broke up with his girlfriend of three years. Well, I think it was three years; I lost track and I only have one biological kid. 1,119 more words