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13 Things That Happen When You Have A Celebrity Look-Alike

1. If you look like an attractive celebrity, you celebrate like there’s no tomorrow.

“Wow, you think I look like Jennifer Lawrence? Thanks!” PRAISE JESUS. 672 more words

Physics Porn

Quantum Entanglement
Simple Harmonic Motion
The Unsolvable Three-Body Problem
Strange Charm, Up and Down, Top and Bottom
Debbie Does Strongly Interacting Hadrons

Hey, baby, you got the… 14 more words


When Your Son Takes A Truly Awful Picture Of You And Turns It Into A Meme

I may regret this post. In fact, I’m pretty sure I already do. But after recently seeing my mother through a follow-up surgery to correct a past surgical complication, I’m reminded life’s too short for vanity. 187 more words


My 30 day restart.

Stick a finger in my eye, it’s only Murphy’s law that I would start the 30 day photo project and my home wifi goes on the fritz. 90 more words

Black And White

Don't Mess With The Blessed!

I hope everyone enjoyed the trip to Lunch-lady Land yesterday! I know I did. When it seems as if there are so many bad things going on, it’s so nice to see/hear that God is still speaking! 409 more words