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Fun Facts Friday or RUI

Random Useless Information or better known as RUI. I always find some of these random facts as……………

Useless, interesting and funny.

Many are found under Snapple lids and Snapple Singles to Go packets, others are internet wonders provided by my internet explorers. 29 more words

Day In A Life

Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?

I think so, Brain … but what do gardeners and golfers do when they retire?


If Doctors Ran Their Practice Like The Airlines

Physicians could make so much more money if we could charge like the airline industry does.

Starting with appointments, there would be a surcharge for the most popular times. 252 more words

Business Of Medicine

A Cautionary Tale

I shall now speak with you about bowel explosions…An indelicate matter, I’m sure, but, for me, a paradoxical source of endless amusement tinged with soul-scarring horror, for I am both obsessed with and haunted by bowels. 1,100 more words


Clouds, Clouds, More Clouds

are held in high esteem by some more than others. Note the Manifesto of the Cloud Appreciation Society.  I won’t go as far as the society in decrying blue skies. 54 more words


Rebranding Oppression

You guys, let’s face it. “Feminism” has a bad rep. “Feminism” sounds scary and evil. Time Magazine and Women Against Feminism — those bastions of well-informed activism — have unleashed a rallying cry: enough with “feminism.” Let’s do away with it altogether in favor of a shiny new movement for everyone!  754 more words


Texting and Aging is the New Texting and Driving

This is an intervention.

It’s going to be awkward and painful, especially for the interventionee, my husband Neil, who has become a danger to himself and others.  777 more words