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Sometimes I write humorous verse

Celebrity “Friends”

Who shall be my manly hero –
Mr. Mel Gibson or Bob DeNiro?

Who shall be my main man –
Jacko, or that guy from Rainman? 89 more words

Et Alia


‘Twixt pinafores and semaphores

And petit fours and such

There’s often some confusion,

But I wouldn’t worry much

For here’s a way to keep them… 91 more words

Light Verse

The Crossroads of My Duck

Welcome Dear Readers!  What do 4,966,661 WordPress bloggers have in common?

Everyday bloggers just like you and me — except that they all have different names and different faces and probably aren’t the same height — are participating in a little thing called the… 188 more words


Sometimes I write humorous verse...

Her Tattoo Review

The lass I love is fond of her tattoos.
There’s one of me, and one of you,
And one of young Tom Cruise. 37 more words

Et Alia