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Making Haste Really Awfully Slowly.

Hurry up and wait;
It seems to be your fate
That even though you’re running late -
You hurry up and wait.

Hurry up and wait; 218 more words


Breakfast With Ian Duncan-Smith

I normally eat cereal or, maybe, a boiled egg,
But today I’m having caviar, and ham, carved from the leg,
There’s gold cutlery and linen cloth, and spreads brought from the deli, 64 more words

Max Scratchmann

Closing Time by Max Scratchmann

It’s about time I showcased one of the poems that has been submitted to TAPP by the multi-talented performance poet, writer, illustrator (and occasional reader of this here blog… 313 more words

Comic Verse

Strikethrough Haiku

Derivative Haiku

This awful haiku
absolutely terrible –

Cute Baby Haiku

This baby haiku 
four too few syllables -

Funky Zen Haiku

cherry blossom monk… 75 more words

Song Lyrics And Lyrical Poetry

Haiku for the hell of it

Wisdom from soul man:

“Bite your lip and take a trip.

Move on up!” — Curt M.

I happened to hear Curtis Mayfield’s classic, “Move On Up,” this morning. 45 more words

Et Alia

Father's Day

I’m glad I don’t have children and don’t celebrate Father’s Day,

So I don’t have to say I like the gifts that come along my way, 105 more words


The Tragic Passing of Undead Augustus

There once lived a boy called Augustus Fred,

Who wouldn’t get up and just lay in his bed,

He slept all day and slept all night, 101 more words