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Out of the Mouths of Babes

Isaiah came home yesterday from a two-week visit with his father and his father’s family.  He explained to me that he had worked in the yard and got a little sunburned but otherwise had a good visit. 732 more words


Limericks 30/07/14

A bee was buzzing away
For most of the hours of the day
Said he “I’m sure you’ll agree
Being idle is free
But soon with your hunger you’ll pay” 31 more words


Six Flags

I was in the 3rd grade, roughly around 8 years old, but definitely 3rd grade. I was like most kids, I knew everything… and for that fact I know I still do. 1,961 more words


Would You Want It in Your EYES?

Morning sun on our backs
shouldn’t make us frown,
but after they washed and rinsed us,
they left us upside down.

Only one more day before my month off!  31 more words

Funny Photos

7.29.14 dream haiku

“I didn’t mean to,”
he says, continuing to
pour mud on my meal.


Bits of "Wisdom" I've Gained In Last 7 Days

Doing laundry *can* help settle the mind – but I still don’t recommend it

I wanted to write a post on Sunday to publish on Monday, but my thoughts bounced around like caffeinated squirrels.  534 more words