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It's a Given, Mom

Dear, I hope the triplets are ready for the Easter buffet.  It will be their first public appearance, and I want them to shine.

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Graphene. You've never heard of it. It will be your new skin.

I want to buy it. I want to invest in it. I like everything about it: Graphene

Now this is topic is something I get really excited about. 1,052 more words

I Speak No English

After reading some of your blogs I see now that I am able to write more than I have, per post. First, I write with an eighth grade education, but I’m fairly sharp and will probably be able to blend in somewhat. 168 more words


Anal Awkardness

So a legitimate, non creepy and totally not sexual service our grooming salon offers is an expressing of a dog’s anal glands. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, dogs have a little gland sac under their butt that fills up with foul smelling liquid. 133 more words

4.16.14 dream haiku - What the hell?! Wednesday

Who knew I’d become
the type to eat it without
knowing what it is?


Important notice

The author of this blog has taken legal advice and has added a disclaimer and copyright notice to the site. Please take the time to read them, here is a brief example of what you might read. 147 more words


Oh No!!! Not Poetry

A few years ago, with the encouragement of a friend, I decided to start writing.  I have always enjoyed it, but never really pursued it.  Surprisingly, my first serious attempts were in the form of poetry.  567 more words