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8.21.14 dream haiku

Dinner guests point out
the most tender parts of me
with their forks.


Residence Life Explained in Emoji 2 (Crowdsourced)

In my original post (included at the end) I included a challenge to residence life pros and resident assistants to tweet me their own emoji.  Here’s what they sent: 58 more words

Residence Life

August 21, 2014


(Number 599)

Being humorous can make you look prettier, but pretty does not make you funnier.



Inappropriate Me....

My daughter is having a sleepover. One of the friends showed up and I spoke with the mom a bit and followed her onto the front porch. 67 more words

8.20.14 dream haiku - What the hell?! Wednesday

Four-year-old’s first taste
of eternity
sitting through church.


Here's to Jeanie...

“Got a problem with earwax? I was about your age, I figure, when I started having problems with earwax.”

Those were the first words out of the mouth of an elderly gentleman when he approached me in the… 1,971 more words