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Hmmmm… These are so…

When growing up I always wanted a baby brother or sister, I mean always. I knew that they didn’t come from the fabled stork or from the cabbage patch, that instead you pulled them up like turnips from the neighbor’s garden. 1,760 more words


Point of Escape Update

Wow!  What a launch day!

After spending the day posting to dozens of site, sending dozens of messages on Goodreads and Twitter (and getting politely asked to stop by the former and suspended by the latter!), and clicking on the “Refresh” buttons on the Kindle Direct Publishing sales report and the Amazon book page, I called it quits around 6:30 pm.   248 more words

4-Hour Novel

Full Stream: The Blog!


Hey readers,

We recently finished wrapping our latest episode of Full Stream Radio! “What the hell is Full Stream Radio?”  You might be asking yourself, well it’s your new favorite podcast!   356 more words



**A Children’s Tale**
Sir Barnabas Whittle McFittish McTeek
Has been gone on safari
His thirty-third week,
Hunting the Hubbable, Dubbable Tock
In the Boulderbread Valley… 475 more words

Children's Poetry

High on paint fumes!

I’m glad that somebody else gets paint all over the paint brush, like I do. I also get it all over the tin, the decorators sheet, my hands, my clothes, my arms, my feet, my face and my hair. 455 more words


Rule Breaker

If you’re new here I should let you know I’m the world’s BIGGEST rule follower.  I do NOT like to break rules.

If you’re a repeat offender – I mean visitor – you are probably aware of the trait I possess. 457 more words


You Know You're Fat When...

You Know You’re Fat When…

Alrighty, most recent escapade in my life and yet another quite hilarious one. As recently as five minutes ago Kelli came and asked me if I wanted to lay out with her, seeing as I’m paler than white baby powder usually… I agreed. 695 more words