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Why learn a foreign language at school?

I feel, in the bluntest of terms, like a bit if an idiot. I’m a student in this first year of my gcse’s with more work to contend with than I have brain cells (and I’m fairly clever, so I do worry about my peers), so I’ve spent pretty much the entire second week of my holidays revising (first week was in China, so I really shouldn’t be complaining), yet all I seemed to have achieved is Spanish revision cards. 200 more words


Priorities. You're Not Doing Them Right.

It’s pretty bad that I see this day more as 4/20 than I do as it being Easter. Not that I celebrate Easter anyway. But still, respect for others should still be paramount. 9 more words


Happy Easter

Don’t get egg on your face…


Satirical Magazine Blamed For Sharp Rise In Sexually Transmitted Diseases


Soz Satire Xmas issue, complete with a mysterious rash, pictured infecting millions last night.

The British Medical Association are claiming that the recent alarming rise in sexually transmitted diseases across the country is entirely due to the launch of the bumper April edition of Soz Satire magazine which came out earlier this month. 429 more words


The Biggest Power Tool In My House Is A Mixmaster


I need a workbench for my studio. Ideally, it would be at least three feet wide and six feet long. It has to be very stable and it would be nice if it had at least one shelf. 105 more words

Perfectly Timed Animal Photobombs - So Funny

It doesn’t matter if they’re dogs, cats, horses, or sloths, animals love to photobomb. They love getting into vacation shots and just being plain silly and adorable while ruining your Kodak moment. 211 more words


Easter Fun & Hunger Games

Waking up early in the morning for an Easter feast used to be one of my favourite things about this holiday.

We weren’t allowed to go anywhere near the food until we had washed our cheeks with… one red egg for health, a white one for purity of heart, and a coin for a little wealth. 291 more words