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"I'll Use My Big Face To Eclipse The Sun If Scots Vote yes" Olly Murs

“I gotta big face!”

English pop star and fierce pro- United Kingdom supporter, Olly Murs, has vowed to deprive the Scots of the sun’s life-giving rays by standing on top of Hadrian’s Wall, where he will use his huge face to bring about a total eclipse that will plunge the entire country into eternal winter. 208 more words


Small Talk

People are so damn boring. Nobody has one interesting thing to say. Not one person I talk to during the course of the day has an intelligent thought or humorous uhh, quip or anecdote. 337 more words

New Blog

Heidegger and Neo: Things I Saw in the Matrix

Spoiler Alert: Anybody who still hasn’t seen The Matrix trilogy and plans to, better not read this yet. I mean… You’ve had 15 years already, but I know people have other things to do. 481 more words


My Pet Peeves

Pets ~ cats, dogs ~ are wonderful! They offer unconditional love, exuberant warmth and joyful companionship. Keeping a pet can be expensive; feeding, grooming, medical care. 201 more words

Emotional Health

Out of my depth

Determined not to tumble back into an exercise regime consisting of standing up to find the remote and walking from the front door to the car, my sister (and by now gym buddy) and I signed up for an aqua aerobics class. 430 more words


Inchy's Letter to LOMM 19

Dear LOMM,

It was with a heavy heart, I had to forward my resignation from the Outer Peruvian Pregnant Kangaroo Appreciation Society, Nottingham Branch.

My letter to Mr Alphonse Connumall, the OPPKAS Chairman/Treasurer/Donations Secretary: 141 more words