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Pessimists fighting disease

When people are convinced that they will die,

And you don’t know whether to pray

for their well being or pray

for their wishes to come true soon.


Real Talk (literally) : My accent has been fluctuating too much.

After years of practice, and it’s not like I’m that old, I  nailed the perrfec’t british accent.

However, there is a major problem. My Nigerian accent slips out when the conversation is getting intense, or when I spot another African brethren and I don’t want to sound like I’m faking it.  495 more words

Thoughts & Reflections

Suns Oot Taps Aff!

Welcome to Scotland. Temperature 30 degrees aka one of our rare sunny days. And of course when this weather hits our dreary, wet country we take sick days, head to the local ponds/dams (our version of Pebble Beach) with deck chairs and rave music to enjoy this glorious fucking weather. 284 more words

Funny Blog

Really Awful Occupations - Part 2

Although it may be certain that your fitters and your turners
Are frequently not fit to turn out greatest of the earners,
There’s something in their turning fits puts ladies in a tizz – 363 more words


Any Gender Is a Drag

Amazon have decided I am not an agent of the patriarchy.

As anyone who has tried to list their book in particular categories on Amazon knows, it is not a simple matter of telling them which to use. 150 more words


Inchy's Letters to LOMM 3

Dear Clivey LOMM,

I have long had the urge to send a letter to you, in fact for many years now. Gawd knows why.

I first thought about thinking of the possibility perhaps of considering sending a letter, when I was only 54 years of age. 300 more words


Raindrops on Paper

Raindrops on Paper

Sitting on the balcony, watching the distant sea go gray and mist over,

The rains are approaching. The dark clouds are scurrying over… 281 more words