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Kat in jas/ Cat in coat

Mijn broertje kwam in zijn brugjaar zo af en toe ineens terug naar huis. Een nieuw schoolsysteem wat nog niet helemaal rijp was waardoor het rooster ineens niet meer klopte, ondeugdelijke houding jegens de medemens en meer van dat soort grapjes waren hier doorgaans de reden van. 607 more words

Daily Life

Movie madness

We’ve all seen it. That one scene where the world stops, the backdrop a riot of blood and fire, and the two main characters take a moment to share a passionate kiss. 359 more words


Chapter Eleven of The Gateway (and a couple more giggles)


China, Russia, and Poland venture to space. China says they’ll go to Pluto because it’s the farthest. Russia says they’ll go to Jupiter because it’s the biggest. 5,555 more words


Elizabeths top 5 Never to do again list

1. Say you can do it, just to prove it to everyone…even though you really can’t-
I went on this ride a couple of years ago that if you didn’t have the correct weight it would tip over and spin in crazy directions… I was told i couldn’t do it by everyone so i tried( yes tried) to prove them wrong. 326 more words


Being A Student Is...

As a new (UK) university student, you learn to quickly adapt to the student way of life because, a) the only adult supervision you have is that of your personal tutor, who you only see for half an hour every two weeks, and b) everyone else around you is integrating into uni life, so why not give up your old, healthy habits and join them? 571 more words