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Wedlock Perjurer.

I told one of my closest female friends that I’m arranging talks to get married. Absolute lie of course, but I just felt like going along with the story. 110 more words


Marvin Milf And His Unintentional Filth

Just look at those balls!

As a gentleman of independent means I’m fortunate enough to own a full size snooker table and it’s often my wont to play a frame or two after supper on most evenings. 366 more words


When winning leaves you at a loss

“The only way to win in a no-win situation is to draw.”

My comment brings the heated debate lurching to a halt. My team look at each other as they consider this and what it might mean. 1,208 more words


A list of things I hate in no partciular order.

Hate is a very strong word and I try not throw it around so freely these days but there are some things in this life that I just want no part of. 628 more words


Stalag Blues: A Ripping Yarn Of British WWII Incompetence by Wing Commander Gary Hoadley (retd hurt)

British POWs seen relaxing after a gruelling session of tea drinking and hearty banter.

Stalag Luft 20 1945. A number of captured British airmen are deep in conversation. 481 more words


22 Common Phrases We All Secretly Hate

What makes a phrase cringe-worthy?

HuffPost editors were asked which sayings bother them the most. The common thread among the responses was uselessness. Often, the phrases that we find off-putting are those that serve as conversational fillers, implying that the speaker is vapid or has little else to contribute to the conversation. 505 more words


Brain Salad

(I promise this isn’t another post about zombies, despite the title.)

So… occasionally I make Tilt Soup.  It never tastes the same twice, and the recipe is as follows:  ‘Tilt the fridge and whatever falls out goes into the soup’.  508 more words

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