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Dulce et decorum ero domina.

After 48 years, my innocence has finally caught up with me and I’m being taken on a journey that I’d rather not be taken on. My dreams are shattered and I have woken up to the terrifying thought that my children are going to be subjected to something truly horrible and there is nothing that I can do about it. 631 more words


The Crown, Wes Montgomery, and grammar in food talk . . .

‘I never practice my guitar – – from time to time I just open the case and throw some meat in.’

Wes Montgomery


A new Journal !!

–it’s not black, it’s not landscape, it’s not portrait, it’s not even a Moleskine


This is my first entry, a rough idea which is the next post- entitled “Being Schwarzenegger”


Being Schwarzenegger - - a moment of recollection . . . total, that is

It started the moment I arrived at the hospital, this morning. Metropolitan hospitals do have a strangely Science Fiction feel to them, featuring large numbers of lost souls tramping interminable corridors. 256 more words