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Golf Guilt and a ME Day!

Every now and then my body likes to remind me that, well, I might be … pushing it … a bit much.

But it understands my responsibilities: husband, two kids, job, extended family, friends, volunteering, rabid blog habit … and it’s really quite thoughtful of others in how it goes about giving said reminders and only does so when it thinks there might actually be time to… 896 more words

Mother's Musings

Tomboy Confession

In nineteen seventy-five I was tall, awkward and wary of people. I haven’t changed at all.

The garbage men called me son. Other children teased me mercilessly.  164 more words


8 more sleeps

in 8 more sleeps i will officially be on vacation
i cannot wait

i can’t remember the last time i actually went somewhere when i took time off… 128 more words


Chapter 2

The Famous Study

“Grace, can you maybe hurry up? How long does it take a single person to get ready?” Its the first day of high school and Ty is here to pick me up. 185 more words


Practice makes perfect, even when it comes to embarrassing situations – don’t you just love consistency?

I take comfort (sprinkled with a dash of pride) about the fact that no one can quite muster as much perfection as I can when I fall flat on my face, armed with a coffee in one hand and a cream assaulted cake in another, in front of that drop-dead gorgeous Johnny Depp lookalike in the midst of an audience of about, ooh, 100 people at the city train station the way I do. 11 more words

Venting & Other "bleh" Scribbles