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Move over Hot Cross bun. Make way for the Resurrection Roll!

I know the title of this blog post makes me sound like some sort of biblical-themed bake goods expert, but truth be told, until yesterday I was unaware of the existence of the Resurrection Roll. 523 more words

How a Big Old Bunny Became Easter’s Most-loved Mascot

Dip-dyed eggs, daffodils, chickadees, bonnets and hot cross buns. Easter is brimming with more symbols than a greedy child’s basket has chocolate eggs.

And somewhere in the midst of baby animals and pretty pastel hues sits the big daddy of them all: the Easter bunny. 524 more words


NaPoWriMo Lament

I’m sick of writing poetry,

Fed up with trying to rhyme,

I’d rather find another way

To fill my precious time.

I could be watching telly, 141 more words


The Last Selfie

God Is Love, Happiness, Joy, and all that is Good.


Love in Disguise

Why does love,

Have so many disguises,

So many questions,

And always surprises,

Like the one on the plane,

Or the one on the bus, … 79 more words

Creative Writing

10 Things You Must Embrace At University

Whilst I’m now well into my second year..and rapidly approaching my third (gulp) I thought it was about time I expressed my viewpoints on on something I experience day in, day out..(drum roll please) being a student.   882 more words