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Painter Santa

Santa, recently arrived in the US, wanting to earn some money, decides to become a ‘handy-man’ and starts looking for some work in an up-market colony nearby. 201 more words


Stupid Flu

Boy this flu is one hell of a… flu. I tried to go into work today, but the longer I stood doing my job the worse I felt. 271 more words


British comedian Eddie Izzard says his success comes from not being 'terribly good at anything'

British comedian Eddie Izzard is in the midst of what he refers to as “the most extensive comedy tour in the history of the world”. 944 more words


Worst Exercise Class Ever - Sh'Bam

There is only one word for the experience of my first Sh’Bam class this morning and I can’t write it because my kids read my blog. 294 more words


It Is Rocket Science

Another 'if you've got an hour to kill' post. Season one of Helen Keen's comedy-documentary (docomedy? comumentary?) radio series, It Is Rocket Science, in which she charts, in four quarter-hour snippets, humanity's first faltering steps out into the, erm, ooniverse. 177 more words


Halloween FrightNite 5: The Scary One

“On nights like this” – the old folks say.
It wanders about on nights like this. A foul creature, formless, soulless, and thirsting for your thoughts. 483 more words


Folklore & Order - The Shadow Imp Pt 2

The next morning on the way to his embroidery class, Clifton noticed a commotion in the town square. Spriggs was sitting in the square’s centre, white with terror. 1,369 more words