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Stooopid me !


I work for a $5.00  cup of coffee

while  others charge up to $500.00 for 3 months G+ advertising.

*stoooopid, stoopid  me ! *


Monday mood lifter: The case of the sinister buttocks

By Gordon Rugg

Poetic justice can be a wonderful thing. Mano Singham at Freethought Blogs has a delightful account of what happens when students attempt to outwit plagiarism detection software by using a thesaurus. 13 more words


Bungulla Goats (A true story by Grant Hutchings.)

The phone was ringing, ‘ checked the caller id and sure enough it was Kelvin. His best mate, Darryl, had been telling me about their recent feral goat mustering attempts and to expect a call. 694 more words


Eat less meat

All vegetarians and vegans will be ecstatic, as this is the latest headline to suggest that our meat consumption is a danger to the planet/environment. 493 more words



I’ve not heard from her all day since she shouted, “How do you check the level of oil in my car?”

And I yelled back, “Bloody dipstick.”

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