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Roadtrip #3: Pensioning in Pennington

I reckon this is where people go to die.

Pennington is a little coastal town on the South Coast of South Africa.

We stayed in a colleague of my brother’s house overlooking the sea. 168 more words


Preparation Time

It is now only a week until I head overseas so I’ve been studying up on Scotland with the help of these handy-dandy videos. Very informative. 6 more words


A Ditched Bitch.

Okay.  First off, I don’t think I’m really a bitch.  Readers? Speak up and let me know.  It’s alright.  In fact, it would be great if you told me I was a bitch (or not.)  It would help me with “My Issues.” 820 more words


The Review: Changing times

Christmas is a religious festival, despite the commercialisation. Where I live the roads are horrendous as people frantically try to get their shopping and make Christmas a special time. 416 more words


Carol Humour

My sister sent this to me. Weird, right?

Photo credit: @inspiredfashio1

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The philosophy of the toilet: on my lack of words

Empathetic Reader, see if you can spot the alliteration. I have been reading up on rhetoric.

The Gods of the Blog are punishing me. As I sit here, teary-eyed and, quite frankly, flabbergasted, I feel the welcome rush of deja vu. 870 more words