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Just this one time, I swear

I’m cheating. It’s my third blog post and I’m already cheating. “How can you repost,” I hear you cry, “you haven’t written enough yet!” Well pipe down you lot! 989 more words


My Utopia: phones can track phone scammers

So, I received an interesting phone call yesterday. It was number 4 this week – by the same people.

It always starts the same:

‘Good morning madam, my name is Charlie and I am calling from the Telstra technical department about your internet connection’ 472 more words


Being A Student Is...

As a new (UK) university student, you learn to quickly adapt to the student way of life because, a) the only adult supervision you have is that of your personal tutor, who you only see for half an hour every two weeks, and b) everyone else around you is integrating into uni life, so why not give up your old, healthy habits and join them? 571 more words


Unscripted Blog: I Wish I Was Drunk

There’s this dilemma I face when blogging- how much of my personal life should I incorporate into what I write? I usually spend a lot of time thinking about this before I hit the ‘send’ button on my email to publish a post. 222 more words

A big shout out

Greetings fellow bloglodytes!

A big thank you to everyone who is following this blog. Some of you have extremely successful blogs with thousands, or even tens of thousands of followers. 36 more words