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Signs & portents: November 2014 - Virgo


November will see you relax a little, say the fates, saving your strength for the battles ahead. This is probably a good thing because you can expect your wife to regain consciousness on the 28th, & boy, is she going to be pissed at you! 57 more words


Humour et pub font souvent bon ménage...

Pour changer un peu, et parce que j’avais envie de légèreté pour cette fois, je vous propose mon Top 5 des meilleures pubs du moment (du moins, celles que je trouve les plus drôles) ! 661 more words


15 Things That Happen When You Take Public Transport

As seen on the front page of Buzzfeed! :)

“I’m about to have a nervous breakdown…” – said anyone who’s ever taken public transport. 411 more words


10 Inappropriate questions about girls for the curious man

Found on r/Askreddit

1. What’s really going on when you go the bathroom right before sex?

“Almost always actually peeing. Any little feeling of having to pee during sex is amplified a bunch by having sex (cuz the bladder gets pressure on it) and it’s really uncomfortable and distracting from the pleasure” – rainy_dazer… 679 more words


Downton Abbey meets Islamic State

Usman explains why Lord Grantham should be very wary of his canine companion…

Australian Politics

'Man Up' & Other Pieces of Shit Advice

So it’s happened, half way through my partner’s second swing and I’ve finally broken down and resorted to the most attractive of past times – heavy, loud sobbing. 556 more words

My Journey


Some guy said to me, “You’ve got your father’s nose.”

I said, “I don’t really, it’s just my thumb between my fingers.”

Funny Thought For The Day