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Satire Alert: Police raids 'Islamophobic'

Muslim leaders have condemned this morning’s police raids in Sydney and Brisbane as ‘Islamophobic’ and accused ASIO of  ‘targeting Muslims’.

In a statement, Islamic leaders said: 107 more words


Dance Drama Tuesday

So Tuesday’s are one of Bella’s dancing days. She loves dancing and has the perfect little shape for it so she is pretty good. She goes 4 times a week and I have D convinced that I have to take her and wait the hour each time…but in reality It’s my chance to get a coffee and sit and play Candy Crush till she is done. 352 more words

Ink pink, you stink

“I don’t like him.  Look at his pink face.”

I guess if you’re going to be a lawyer on reality TV you should try to be less flushed, or put some makeup on, or something…


Boogies, Boogies Everywhere, Even on my Sink


Children are wonderful.  They bring so much joy and cause you to forget the troubles of the world, if only for a moment.

However, they come with lots and lots of… 308 more words

Why Do You Have To Bring That Up?

I realised that in the excitement of life and all that special stuff, along with forgetting to take my daily does of good bacteria for my digestion, had… 449 more words


A Whiff of Asberger's With A Touch of Paranoia

 One of the things I have enjoyed about Gill’s current job is that she must do lots of research. It so happens that much of this research is medical — everything from nuclear medicine to Alzheimer’s, to Autism. 856 more words