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23. Dec 2014

The 3D elk is the perfect gift for anyone incapable of hunting, yet desperate to display an animal head mounted on the wall.
Nothing says “You suck at hunting you pretentious prick” like this.


Jokes For the Day.... " The Day Before i die ..." !!!

Over dinner, Jill said to John, “I met this horrible and rude man downtown this morning, and right away I knew he was a troublemaker. He started to insult me; he used really bad language; he even threatened me!” 129 more words


Lighten Things Up!

It’s holiday season “crunch time” as many of us are furiously trying to cross off those last remaining items on our “to do” list.  As some of our best-laid plans and intentions go “sideways” and we struggle to right our ships, it can tax our nerves, deplete our resources and leave us feeling weary.  444 more words

Crunch Time

Awrrr but that's not faire ye poofballs

Avast, marauder!
Warm snuggles available
By invite only!

Jizz in the Tub

The other day  I was in the shower and feeling rushed.  My facial cleaner is almost empty, but I am using it until the bitter end in the hopes that Santa brings me a new one.   133 more words


The Magic of Christmas

My family doesn’t have many traditions for Christmas. We haven’t spent the holidays with extended family since I was a very little girl. But each year, we would watch the… 441 more words