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Why did his bottom fall out?

There’s no delicate way to tell this story, but here goes.

This is Gus.

Gus is just lovely. He’s my 4-legged love in Melbourne and adored family member of the friends we are staying with. 71 more words


It’s no secret that I’m addicted to social media: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest – I love them all. At first I thought I was doing it ironically: laughing at the sheer stupidity of those re-tweeting Harry Styles having breakfast whilst smugly eating my own breakfast, safe in the knowledge that I’m better than the masses. 204 more words


Princess Evie...

…has pinched all my scarves and is now Princess Elsa the Ice Queen.


Sexy Angle Mermaid

* Not a typo

Continuing my rubbish-mythology theme, here is Sexy Angle Mermaid. 50% Sexy Lady, 50% Sexy Angler Fish 100% Sexy Sexy.


More one liners

Q: What do you call a lesbian dinosaur?
A: Lickalotopuss.

Q. What do the spice girls and a pack of M+Ms have in common?
A. There are assorted colours, but they all taste the same. 245 more words


How do you solve the problem of job hunting?

Yes, it’s a Sound of Music guide to getting a job. So let’s start at the very beginning, which according to Julie Andrews, is a very good place to start. 638 more words

How To Get A Job