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Day 11 - I was right

In my understanding of being on a temporary high yesterday.  It didn’t last very long.  It’s not like I’m depressed or anything today, it’s just that the blissful feeling I had evaporated, as I woke up this morning.  134 more words

12-Week Body Makeover Challenge

Finding Motherland

A short story by R. Hitchin

Chapter Four.

‘The darkness! Everything’s gone dark! This must be the end!’
‘Stretch, relax. You’re not dying!’ Babs stroked his blond hair as she sat in the back seat, cradling his head.

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I first visited India thirty years ago. Despite having had a strong resistance to such a visit it seemed, back in early 1985, I had no choice but to embark on the journey. 641 more words

Random Comment

MKR - It's All About the Hemsworth

So it’s come to our attention that the slightly busty blonde on the right is a relative of the man who took the character of… 209 more words


Things that I forgot

I’ve been a recluse this last week or so, a hermit you might say. My big boy has been victim to the winter flu, which has meant life has had to slow down and at some points stop, so that we can watch the Rise of the Guardians for the tenth time, have an ice lolly and then hibernate under the blankets to thaw out from the subsequent shakes and chills. 655 more words

Bertrand Russell - Quotes

Some quotes from you to ponder over your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

We only speak of faith when we wish to substitute emotion for evidence – “Human Society in Ethics and Politics” (1954) 51 more words


Tricks of the (Earplug) Trade 2

I bet  when you saw earplugs levitating on their hover mats thus…

…you thought:

“Wow, how does he do that? Does he toss the little figures into the air and snap them on the way back down? 71 more words

Digital Photography