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Under Surveillance

My wife pops by here on occasion. She says she likes to keep an eye on what I’m up to…. here on the internet potentially in the view of the entire world. 152 more words


Stalking in Salamanca

Given that I was in the area, I thought that I should at least have a look at Salamanca; it was only a fifteen minute drive away. 704 more words


New Game

Following some unpleasantness, I’m limiting my time on FB. I need to get on with Book 3 (and others) and I’m supposed to be resting and healing – oh don’t even ask, too many injuries to mention. 140 more words

Lucky Dip

Saturday fun always check who you send to!

Saturday fun always check who you send to!

Texting blunders

What is the worst thing you ever texted?

Justine x