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Who would be a turkey?

As with all things in life, there’s another side to Christmas. Think of all those battalions of plump turkeys who will lay down their lives for the self indulgence of mankind. 73 more words



PIL, Ed, Greg and CJ are currently in the Spanish Pyrenees skiing. Or as Buzz Lightyear would say, “falling down mountains. With style.” Or was that Woody? 351 more words


Something's Stirring In Subway

This morning I popped in to pick up some lunch after my shopping trip to procure a new duvet (which is too warm by the way. 676 more words


Tourists From The Land Of Irony

And then there are Welsh folk like this:

(Wales is currently enjoying a heat wave; temperatures in our popular beach resort have averaged about 28°C (about 82°F) for nearly a fortnight and the town and beach are completely packed out with holidaymakers and day-trippers.)

274 more words

Roadtripping #2: Shoeless sibling

Imagine waking up after your first night with no shoes in sight. My poor brother.

We had spent our first night in Nottingham Road, situated in the picturesque Natal Midlands. 120 more words


Five things I learned from Christmas shopping this week.

  1. It’s totally ok to be as rude as you like.

It is Christmas after all, the time of taking! You want the last scarf on sale as well? 286 more words