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Some More Ladder Mistakes to Avoid

We continue to be amazed at the way tradesmen and DIYers alike take risks with ladders.

Like this one. Running out of ladder? Lash another one on. 60 more words


August 30: Abandoned Art & Humour

To finish off this month I thought I’d include a few more random photos taken from some of the many places I’ve visited. ¬†These photos don’t have to be associated with a particular location to be appreciated or, I hope, make you smile.


Curry Parenting Guide teaser

Disclaimer: This is intended for humour only. Unless you’re a curry and are trying to understand stereotypical curry parenting methods. :P This should not be taken as legal advice and it is purely satirical and not intended to offend or vilify any individual. 158 more words


10 ways to know if you are a recluse.

Have you ever attempted a Top 10 List? Neither have I, but I thought I would give it a go today. There is a problem with this idea, a very large problem. 464 more words


Fabulous poetry.

I’ve just discovered and followed a wonderful¬†blog where a contemporary pop song is reworked as a Shakespearean-style sonnet. By “just discovered” I mean that I followed a link that a friend posted, and ended up spending an hour there reading the sonnets. 86 more words


Slightly Profound Man quote...

If in any doubt at all of how incredibly slightly profound; Slightly Profound Man’s words really are! Then look no further than the extent to the narrow and seemingly non existent attention paid to his words by hardly anyone at all… 21 more words