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So tired, so sleepy

I’m currently working full time hours at one of my jobs, even though I’m still part time. Just until someone comes back from their vacation. It sure would be swell if it was permanent so I could quit working two jobs and just do one. 111 more words

End Of The World As We Know It

Au Revoir Monsieur! Lessons Learned from a Year on Tinder

So. My second date with French Tinder was sadly not to be. Moral of the story here is that one should always harbour a pervasive distrust of ridiculously good-looking men. 647 more words


Top 10 Signs You Might Be a Homeowner

10. You have more paint chips in your wallet than you do family pictures

9. You worry about losing garbage cans and recycling bins on windy days… 196 more words


Other Forces Undress Me

Hey, hey, it’s the excuse of the day! Tell your husband or wife that when you are caught cheating next week. I’m kidding, I’m sure no one is cheating on anyone. 139 more words

Over 40

भारत आकर फंस गए ओबामा

  1. बराक ओबामा भारत क्या आये ,यत्र-तत्र-सर्वत्र उन्ही के चर्चे हो रहे थे, संभवत: ये पहले अमेरकी राष्ट्रपति है जिनकी चर्चा, मिशेल ओबामा से अधिक हुयी अन्यथा जार्जबुश से लेकर क्लिंटन तक शोहरत के मामले में भारत आकर अपनी पत्नियों से पिछड़ जाते है !
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Grown Up Explanations For Things: Marriage.

Grown Up Explanations For Things:


“Marriage is a great institution, but I’m not ready for an institution.”

- Mae West making an original pun about the  1,673 more words