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An UNhappy Hump Day

By: Danielle White

“Camels will be on the commons on hump day to celebrate Wednesday, brought to you by SGA.”

When I heard that, I thought it had to be a joke. 934 more words

Wednesday's Window : I Can See The Weekend

Hump Day! I Can See The Weekend, Maybe I Will:

How are you going to spend yours?

Wednesday's Window

Hump Day Neck Tie

No Camel, just black text on a neck tie, for your Wedsnesday wardrobe. Add background color to personalize! http://bit.ly/1jBhObf

Alas poor Yorick, it's hump day!

To be or not to be, that is the hump day question.
I hope you don’t think that just because I’ve got a horrendous potty mouth and a predilection for the ‘f’ word, that I don’t do culture. 215 more words

Art and the Working Woman

I’m always trying to find cool photos for #TBT where web addicts post pictures of themselves from when they were younger (and as Mitch Hedberg points out, that is every picture of you) and are typically met with ambivalence. 479 more words


Commitment Should Be Embraced

I’ve listened to far too many people (mostly men, in my case) voice their fear of risk, commitment, and of course, love. I don’t think a commitment issue is a product of over-thinking. 405 more words