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Camel's Hump ! / Masters Of Disguise .

My grandmother used to say.”If the camel attempts to see his hump he would definitely break his neck.”

(( It seems the many these days are becoming masters of disguise ,they distort the facts to protect their superior’s failures.Whether they are mainstream reporters,politicians or deceitful reverends instead of planting harmony and unity they are igniting the fire of division ,chaos and racism.They don’t see their humps but they accuse the others for having them. 6 more words

My Thoughts And Ideas In The Journey Of Life

Big Girl, Big Sex and Masturbation

Oh yes, I went there. I’ve talked about giving head, eating pussy and fucking in general…don’t get the vapors now because I said the “M” word.  540 more words


Hump Day

“I would just come from behind and grab it by the hump.”


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Bellys’ down on Hump Day and bask in it!

Photograph: Jim Boud. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.


So...I've leen left to babysit a friends dog... he he heeeeee

His name is Raff and he is going through that awkward teenage boy stage…you know when everything is humpworthy?  Add to that the evil genius that is dog outfits…….. 18 more words