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The first official hump!

My dog Brutus is a three year old pitbull who I made sure to get fixed at an early age.
Since then, I maybe have witnessed him try and hump another dog maybe one time. 116 more words

Donkey Race Ends Inside Another Donkey [NSFWish?]

Yep, that’s right! Back to posting random, not-always-subway shit on this site again so get ready for it.


New years hump

YES! It’s 2015! Hoorah! This years going to be great! I’m going to exercise every day! I’m going to get a great job! I’m going to pursue my dream! 711 more words

The Not-Knowing of Life

Protylopus was a placid Bactrian camel. She had long eyelashes, large dark eyes, a protruding eye ridge bone, gorgeous thick eyebrows and even a third eyelid to protect her eyes from the sand. 553 more words

Once Upon A