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The Earth, A Sanctuary For Us All!

We need to clean up our act on so many fronts as a race of beings, not only do we treat each other abominably, we also behave shamefully with the creatures we share this planet with. 298 more words

one magnificent deed...

via Rainbow Coach | belovedlotus: So amazing I’m crying. Beautiful….


So amazing I’m crying. Beautiful humpback whale was caught in fishing net, and these people freed her.

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Happy Whale!

Michael Fishbach and co. help a young humpback in distress. Great job! http://www.greatwhaleconservancy.org/


The universe is a fascinating gallery of unique creations of The Ultimate Artist. Here, a humpback whale breaking through the threshold of the water in Puerto Vallarta, some two Januaries ago. 97 more words

Whale Horror ---> Happiness

I recently watched Blackfish — a movie about the EVILNESS of Sea World and how the aquatics entertainment industry makes millions off of stealing baby Orca Whales from the wild and pretty much torturing them their entire lives — who have the same lifespan as humans, by the way. 96 more words