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Happy Earth Day, to everyone but the Humpback Whale

The news that the Harper Government may downgrade humpback whales’ protected status from “threatened” to “special concern” in preparation for the Northern Gateway pipeline that will cross a considerable amount of their feeding habitat comes as a shock this Earth Day. 56 more words

O is for Outside of Grounds

If you’ve made the decision to attend the University of Virginia then congratulations! Your life just got a little more beautiful.

With a population of around 45,000 Charlottesville has all the glorious perks of city life but with a small town feel. 673 more words


Sometimes happiness happens...

Sometimes I have to remind myself…

…that I have fought along hard fight to stave off the effects of this illness. Along the way I was mostly happy. 214 more words


Strange words.

Words that are strange to me.

Mustard Gas. Is that the gas you emit when you eat a corn beef sandwich with Dijon on it. 264 more words

Confusing Words

Humpback whale mother and calf catch a wave at Hawaii's Banzai Pipeline

A humpback whale mother and calf surprised surfers and onlookers Saturday when they caught a large set wave at the Banzai Pipeline and rode the swell long enough for J.T. 87 more words


Whales taking the hump

MEN are just not worth the energy …

MEN are just not worth the energy …

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