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I started making homemade juices back in fall 2013 with the “Nutribullet” system. I began noticing changes with my body (clearer skin, lower blood-pressure, and higher amounts of energy) about 3 weeks into juicing each day. 584 more words

Hump-Day Dumpty! - Week 5

This Wednesday, our patriotic Humpty joins us, not from a park, but from a quirky bakery in New Jersey, Del Buonos. He just hopes they don’t run out of eggs in the kitchen!

Roadside America

HumpDay Quickie #16


by: Beth Deitchman

Catherine hugged her arms close to her body and shuffled her feet. A crash in the alley made her whip around, wincing at the pain in her head and ribs. 327 more words

Flash Fiction

Humpday Playlist Pt. I

Hey guys! This is going to be a new series that I’ll do every Wednesday. I have so many Spotify playlists, it’s sort of an addiction at this point… But I figured I’d share them with you! Enjoy!


Happy Hump Day!

We are have way through, keep pushing for greatness and your awesome goals you have set for yourself!


It was definitely a Merry Christmas waking up to catch the sunrise in the Israeli desert. To have the opportunity was definitely breathtaking and nothing that I had ever been able to experience. 585 more words