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Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall. The wall was where Humpty Dumpty had decided to sit. Humpty Dumpty could be found on the wall, sitting. Sitting was the activity Humpty Dumpty was engaging in and the wall was the place he had chosen to sit. 1,027 more words

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Morning "INK" Edition- "Jack & Jill Went Up The Hill-But Did They Really Fetch That Pail Of Water?"


So, was “Jack & Jill” sister and brother or girlfriend and boyfriend? Did they even like each other? Did they really want to travel all the way up the hill to fetch one small bucket of water together? 693 more words

"The Ink Between The Sheets!"

Humpty Dumpty

Use familiar nursery rhymes to integrate science, graphing, writing, and reading! 

This mini unit has many uses for your little ones.

Here are a few sample pages. 7 more words


Hump-Day Dumpty #15

Happy Hump-day kids! What a lovely day to go to the zoo! Your eyes are not deceiving you. This week’s Humpty is perched atop what appears to be wall with a bird cage attached to it, and that’s because he comes to us from the Wilmington Children’s Zoo in Delaware. 242 more words


The mountain, the caves, the view and Humpty Dumpty

After a great (and unexpectedly good ) free breakfast we headed up lookout mountain in the Mazda. I’m glad M was driving because it was a sheer drop on one side and like a rally track twisting up the very green mountain. 459 more words