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Chain Reaction- to Bill's of Soho

Reviewing chains is not done often enough. Yes independent places are better for our economy, but sometimes the hungover heart just wants what it wants. After vacantly wandering around Soho for the best part of an hour, Bill’s was like a shining beacon of light in which to park our ridiculous derrieres. 364 more words


Pomegranate Molasses & Chickpea Humus

Who doesn’t like humus? You? We need to have a serious talk!
It’s simple, we always have homemade humus in the fridge. Can’t do without it. 179 more words


Huppin Hummus

If I ever need a last-minute dish to bring to a potluck, or a comfort food that won’t make me feel horribly ill (so not a cookie or 12), I make hummus. 525 more words


Healthy Lunching

A quick, easy and yummy packed lunch with minimal preparation.

Buying lunch in Cardiff city centre, you are spoilt for choice. But for when I’m trying to cut down my spending (or realising I’ve bought too many clothes this month) I try to bring in a packed lunch.

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Food Porn

How to use King Humus Plus?

I am going to make this as short as possible with all the necessary details discussed thoroughly.

No matter how powerful and effective the product is, when used incorrectly then everything will go into waste.

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What is King Humus Plus?

Humic Acid or King Humus Plus is not technically a fertilizer since it does not directly provide nutrients to plants,  although in some walks people do consider it that, but it does work as a soil conditioner. 596 more words


Mild Humus with Ginger

I tend to have a lot of raw food; at least one meal a day usually. It’s either in the form of a “traditional” salad or a selection of chopped veg tossed in a bowl with an oil, seasoning, sesame seeds and either almonds or cashews. 141 more words