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The Nyugat Generation

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The 7 Greatest Hungarian Novelists of the 20th Century

I imagine that sometimes, in his restless wandering, the mercurial Spirit of literature lingers a little longer in certain places, gracing them with strange intensity that finds flesh in language. 7,722 more words

Hooray Fiction!

In These Minutes The Junior EC Starts In Kaposvár

With the horse inspection the European Championships beginns. For all those who can’t be there it is difficult to follow the event. There is only a livestream from the FEI, but you have to pay for it. 16 more words


Formula 1 Grand Prix in Budapest 2014

For those who had no idea, yes I am a Formula 1 fan, since I was a child for that matter. Once in a while you will see me writing about a Formula 1 Grand Prix I have been to; I will not only share my personal experience, but also give you tips about an specific Grand Prix and the circuit, just in case you are planning to go to one or have curiosity to know how it is. 833 more words

Packing My Suitcase

It all started with Budapest

Budapest: the capital of Hungary. Looking back doing the Erasmus was one of the best experiences of my undergrad life. Not only did I get the chance to live in a different country surrounded by people of different nationalities, but for the unforgettable parties and travelling around a bloc of Europe I had never set foot in before. 18 more words


Greetings from Budapest!

This is Buda Castle from behind, and it is part of the beautiful view we have from our apartment. This picture doesn’t do it much justice but trust me, it’s so much prettier in person. 75 more words

The Ramblings Of Tai The Fish