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Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

OK! I know you love the movie and you don’t want to spoiled it be reading the book, Fair enough …, however the movie already came out for the first two books how about you give the book a try? 345 more words

Hunger Games

Emilia Clarke And Sam Claflin Cast In MGM's 'Me Before You'

I’m going to preface this with two shocking statements. I have not seen The Hunger Games movies from which Sam Claflin stars in and I don’t think Emilia Clarke is a good actress. 280 more words

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YA Dystopias vs Heinlein et al: Social Justice Warriors Strike Again

Reason has a good think piece by Amy Sturgis on the political content of popular YA (Young Adult) dystopias, compared with the “sensawunda” (sense of wonder) of Golden Age science fiction with its technological optimism. 1,917 more words


"You Know You Need a More Adventerous Social Life When..."

You know you need a more adventurous social life when you:
Begin conversing aloud with your cats, telling one of them (Huck Finn) that he is in fact your best friend in the entire world…and you mean it. 426 more words

Next Stop in the Unwanteds Series

Island of Legends! 

book 4 in the Unwanteds Series is officially here!

from Simon and Schuster

Read the previous books in the Unwanteds Series!


Dramatic Music anyone?

Down to the wire

After three years, Chasing Blue: The Final Saga is finally coming to a close. After just completing the 2nd to last chapter to the final series, I can almost taste the finish line. 912 more words

Chasing Blue

Vietnam's trains and the Hunger Games

We were woken with a start at 4am by loud, discordant music filling our carriage. It announced our arrival at Nha Trang station, but it would not have sounded out of place on the soundtrack of the Hunger Games. 439 more words