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Pictures of Thailand (Local vs. Foreigner) Part 1

There are two groups of people I have met since I came here. Those who have and haven’t been to Thailand. Both groups seem to somehow carry similar pictures of Thailand, sometimes to the point that I wonder how’s that even possible!? 742 more words

Hunger Strikes

East Meets West 1

Actually I’ve always been wanting to write about this East Meets West topic because since I came here there are so many things that I feel that they are the way they are because it is the norm in the West. 963 more words

Hunger Strikes

Begin Again

As this is the first post and today is the beginning of 2015, I’ve reviewed my 2014 and here are 10 major things I’ve learned. 992 more words

Hunger Strikes

Poem / Poetry - "Naked As The Sun"

Good evening to you all, you bunch of inquisitive heroes.

I’m jumping in on another prompt over at The Reverie Journal today because Wordle Prompts are one of my favourites and I enjoy the challenge of trying to incorporate all of the words into a coherent piece (especially when I’ve had a few drinks). 324 more words