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I love The Hunger Games and everything but really does the first film need that many jump cuts? #no


Event: Dare to Care's Bobby Ellis Thanksgiving Eve Vigil, Nov. 26

I’m thankful that I’ve never gone hungry.

Sure, I’ve chomped at the bit waiting for my next meal. I’ve even been hangry a time or three. 201 more words

Louisville Kentucky

Is Your Turkey Organic/Humane/Conventional/Too Big?

It seems like fretting over the kind of turkey on the table is becoming a new Thanksgiving tradition. There is certainly an air of my-turkey-is-better-than-yours creeping into daily chats at the bus stop; based, not on the crispiness of the skin, the moistness of the meat or the flavor of the glaze but on how the turkey was raised. 393 more words

Food Security

Coffee Break Prayer

In honor of our theme of Hunger, we will do a series of food-based prayers this month, including a Dinner Prayer!  Enjoy and don’t for get to… 71 more words

Wisdom, Love ...and Lint

The Working Poor in America

Right now, millions of Americans are struggling with hunger. This is something that is very prevalent in Dutchess County. Approximately 10% of the population in Dutchess County is living below the poverty level and many more are struggling to stay slightly above. 602 more words


Imagine the impact if people alive in the 1950’s had encountered these articles, all from today:

     Sixty dead in suicide blasts in Nigeria

Two explosions at a crowded market in northeastern Nigeria have killed at least 60 people.

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