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Food for thought

You are what you eat. The cells in your body need fuel and building blocks and they will get those from the food that enters your body. 1,163 more words


Day 2

I rate Day 1 success. No exercise per se, but a two hour canoe ride in the cold. That’s my son up in the tree taking the photo of my husband and me. 166 more words

Eating Disorder

"Children of thar is dyeing"

In almost 80 days more than 250 people died due to hunger. After attack in Peshawar, attention of people is diverted. No one is reporting about deaths in thar due to famine. 14 more words


Wow, Madame Tussauds finally got it right with this!

Wax figures done right, as if we two Miley Cryruses, but we kind of do. Check out Jennifer Lawrence; her wax figure is spot on as well. 25 more words