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Fighting hunger close to home

A few weeks ago, I was invited on a media tour of the new Hawkeye Harvest Food Bank in downtown Mason City. The visit ended up as one of the most memorable experiences in my lifetime. 618 more words

Stomachs full of Corn

America would not be called starving in any sort of the word. Actually, America was listed as number one on a list by US News… 474 more words

The Week After

It’s been a week since Cycle 1, I was actually probably just walking back in the house at this precise moment in time last week. 626 more words

Sunday Snacks: October 19th, 2014

If we’re being perfectly honest here, I’m pretty tired. A shorthanded kitchen staff means a lot of hours, and a lot of shifts. Among other things, this means that I’m fairly thin on time and thus haven’t given the blog as much attention as it deserves. 1,005 more words


“Because I must fast, I cannot do otherwise,” answered the hunger artist. “What a character you are,” said the overseer, “and why can’t you do otherwise?” “Because,” said the hunger artist, lifting his head a little and puckering his lips as if for a kiss, and he spoke directly into the overseer’s ear so that nothing would be missed, “because I could never find food I liked.

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Stop the Hunger Now!

Hello and goodmorning  my fellow readers! I am so happy and blessed to say that this past weekend has been such a great and fufilling one. 140 more words


Will There Be Poor Always?

As I was doing my MOOC study this week, I kept hearing the following lyrics and melody of the song “Everything’s Alright” (from the musical,  825 more words