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The luxury to nap...

I lost another pound today.  My plan is going along swimmingly!   For breakfast, I had a mandarin orange.  It’s refreshing and sweet for my dry mouthed morning.   349 more words


Darkness and Light in "The Poor & Hungry"

(Ok. Long story short, I thought I deleted this by accident before I had a chance to post it, back in January. But miracle of miracles, WordPress saves drafts!!! 738 more words

Saving money is actually quite annoying

My mum has a stop-spending-so-much-money-and-get-our-outgoings-down-mania. She is getting incredibly annoying with it. She is no longer buying all our food at Tesco like normal people, she is buying it on some site (which I must admit is really cool) that sells really cheap food in bulks. 378 more words

COM 280: Hunger pains

I’m thinking that I’m hungry and I’ll get food the second I’m out of this class.

Major:  Communication

Gender:  Male

COM 280: Food

I am thinking about food.

I’m hungry.

Major:  Jounalism

Gender:  Female

Study: Snack might help avoid fight with spouse

Maybe the 2011 Superbowl commercial from Snickers had a point that “You are not you when you’re hungry.” A study out of Ohio State University proposed that low blood sugar can make spouses touchy and a snack could prevent major fights between husbands and wives. 105 more words