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Good Morning

I haven’t been able to post for so long, my conferences are about to start up again, work is putting shifts on me left, right and centre and above all of that I’m still attempting to live life and have fun. 238 more words


Feeding the Crows & Starving the Children

A few years ago, I was rushing through Safeway on a lunch break. As I searched for some ripe produce, I noticed a mantis “praying” atop one of the mangos. 462 more words

Walking In Strangeness

They tell me to cut my hair
They say it makes me look crazy
Well maybe I am a bit crazy

They tell me to stop dancing… 60 more words


The Unspoken

It’s in human capacity,
But judge not wherever,
A shoe you know not,
Its fit is Unspoken!

Crooked fingers! ,
Point not oh mankind, 102 more words

Bruno Mars’ Lazy Song became my jam today.

Out of the list of 8 things I set out to do, from buying things or learning where my classes were before school started, I only completed 2 things: getting the Internet from my room to work on my laptop (FINALLY…) and learning how to transfer/wire money from my Bank of America account to my Woori Bank account. 134 more words


First day of classes.

Today is the first day of classes! (Yay?!???) I had Chinese class this morning, and except one other student, all my classmates are freshmen. Meh. I mean, I guess this may be good for me in the long run (I’ll get to know at least a few freshmen), but who really cares? 136 more words

Orange Pancakes with Berry Compote

 Now…. This is a more mature pancake recipe. It’s light, fresh, and fruity. The berries react luminously with the…refreshing citrus… It is best paired with a sparkling apple juice,.. 754 more words