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Hunting in the Roman world: anthropology, animal bones and ancient literature

By guest blogger Dr Martyn Allen (University of Reading)

Hunting in the Roman world is a rarely studied and poorly-understood phenomenon, and it is normally considered to have been quite unimportant to the Romans. 2,023 more words

New Research

Audio Helkuik feature in Belle Armoire Winter 2015

Belle Armoire’s winter 2015 issue ran a feature on my “h/g: you be the hunter, i’ll be the gatherer” collection.  This was the first time I was asked to write the copy for the feature which was equally cool and strange since I’m not a professional writer. 237 more words


Week 2: Day 1 - The Hunter-Gather Throwback


DAY 8 – Failure CAN be a step to greater success…  Even though as you change your eating habits to exclude sugars, grains and processed foods your cravings for these foods will wane, you will hit obstacles.   439 more words

Why Eat Paleo if Our Ancestors Died So Young?

I’m sure you’ve heard this argument or thought it yourself. So what’s the retort? It’s simple. We live in a fortuitous time when we have the best of both worlds – modern medicine AND high quality, organic Paleo foods at our fingertips. 757 more words


The tide is turned.

Peace is returned.
Outside Glass-Half-Empty (thanks, Nancy) Bill Cat sits in his tree and aloofs (thanks, Jonika) me.
Inside, all is quiet, the only movement the mozzie-coil smoke that rises languidly to keep the biting hordes at bay. 987 more words

Change Is The Only Constant

Returning to the Sanity of Our Hunter Gatherer Origins (Pt 1)

Returning to the Sanity of Our Hunter Gatherer Origins (Pt 1).

Humanity has seemingly wandered up a blind canyon.

The process of human evolution, cultural development, and technological advancement seems to have led us to the point where our crowning accomplishment is that we can destroy the earth, and seem hell-bent on doing so. 204 more words

The Authentic Life

Prehistoric Man Was No Lazy Bones

  • Humans have weaker bones than hunter-gatherer counterparts, study shows
  • Bone mass has dropped by 20% in all humans since 7,000 years ago
  • Findings show that key to preventing bone weakness and osteoporosis is activity…
  • 350 more words