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Stay Ahead of the Game

Peoples needs have changed with shifts in the market. Therefore, it is vital that we, as leaders, assess our approach based on what’s most relevant to who and where we work and operate. 326 more words



When I come upon a tree or a vine with actual fruit on it in the city I get excited. Naturally, I just want to eat the delicious, fresh, found fruit and enjoy the rare delight of being able to pick it myself. 419 more words


The Cederberg: mountains and rock art

Having just returned from a week-long workshop in a small town within the Cederberg mountains, it seems unfair to not share its natural and archaeological wonders… 408 more words


The Walking Dead: A Tour of Prehistory

The Walking Dead offers some good prehistory. In the show’s post-apocalyptic world, humanity returns to the key life stages of our prehistoric past: 587 more words

1. Human Origins & The Paleolithic

Dark Emu finalist in Qld awards

Dark Emu is continuing to garner plaudits, with last week being named a finalist in the 2014 Queensland Literary Awards.

It has been shortlisted in the history category, with winners announced in Brisbane on December 8. 174 more words

South Africans, be proud of the San!

“Whilst the Mayans were building temples, Egyptians constructing pyramids, and Babylonians designing ziggurats, why were our guys still rubbing two sticks together?”

Although this may seem like a perfectly decent question, the woman who asked me this at a charity dinner last week after discovering I work in the archaeology department, is greatly underestimating southern Africa’s indigenous population. 974 more words


Ireland's First Farmers: 4,000 BC-2,500

Ireland’s first farmers arrived some time in the 5th millennium BCE. Where they came from is unknown, where they lived is unknown and how they interacted with the indigenous populations is also unknown. 1,263 more words