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Traversar VII - dodging the clouds

Tuesday evening and I am staring out at the clouds that are slowly filling the valley top to bottom again. It has been a bit of a fight with the weather so far. 230 more words


Gobekli Tepe News ~ Klaus Schmidt (December 11, 1953-July 20, 2014)

Klaus Schmidt (born December 11, 1953 and died July 20, 2014) was a German archaeology professor who led the excavations at GöbekliTepe from 1996 to 2014.

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An Introduction to Ireland's Late Mesolithic

The Late Mesolithic is characterized by a change in landscape, technology, settlement patterns, cultural identity and  the transitional phase to the Neolithic and Ireland’s first farmers. 736 more words


Team Colours

If you caught me playing a sport (most likely, unlikely) this would be my kind of team uniform.

If I am going to step outside the boundaries of black, white, grey and leopard print, I’m going to step out in pink. 228 more words


An Introduction to Ireland's Early Mesolithic Age

According to archaeological evidence, Ireland was first occupied sometime around 8,000 BCE. Two archaeological sites that testify to this are found at Mount Sandel, near Coleraine, Co. 751 more words


Columbia's Hunter-Gatherer planning new, separate brewery for 2015

Hunter-Gatherer Brewery & Alehouse has been a staple of Columbia’s beer community since opening in 1995, acting as a sort of forefather for the Capital City’s now-blossoming craft beer scene. 484 more words


About Soldiers, Warriors & Hunter-Gatherers

French. Serbian.

First some music….

At one point in history – or rather pre-history – the men hunted large game with spears or javelins, the women and young hunted small game with bows, and they all collected herbs, sea-shells, snails, nuts, mushrooms, fruits, berries and different eatable roots. 845 more words