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Occasional Prose: Studying the Writing Process

Creativity is, like anything, a tool: a machine that needs regular maintenance and frequent use to remain functional.  Creative inspiration usually comes in fits and starts, and if you’re not careful it can run amuck and fly out of your brain like buckshot.   1,270 more words


“THE EDGE – there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over.”

― Hunter S. Thompson

I Walk Through Walls

Banshee Chapter - 5.5/10

Brilliant idea is ruined by bad performances, lack of imagination and a offensive Hunter S. Thompson pastiche.

There is so much scope for a horror film set in the aftermath of having taken a hallucinogenic drug, particularly infamous super powerful psychotropic drug DMT but first time director Blair Erickson ignores all that potential, instead opting for cheap scares and a offensive Hunter S. 152 more words

Rated 4-7

TIPSY TOURIST: Flying Dog Brewing

I’ve been on a lot of brewery tours. I like beer. I like factories. So it seems like an interesting way to spend a little time. 474 more words


Survival Instincts and Writing at Midday

On a nervous night in Athens, Ohio I stare at the ceiling of my room. A fly, bigger than average, flies in circles around the exposed bulbs attached to my ceiling. 757 more words

Tess Stevens

Magazine Journalism: Generic Feature Types

Feature writing is always taught generically; there is no such thing as a feature. It is simply journalism jargon and the term doesn’t mean anything to the readers or listeners. 413 more words


Ralph Steadman: A Retrospective

Ralph Steadman has an international reputation and is the recipient of numerous awards. His illustrated books have been translated into several languages, his art has been exhibited all around the world and he has inspired many other artists. 169 more words