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The Late, Great Hunter S. Thompson…High as a Kite

This is how Hunter S. Thompson does an interview: three days late, stoned out of his mind, and covered in white face paint. I can’t believe there’s footage of this….

My Best Friend Bill, Whom I've Never Met

It’s been a couple months now and I still can’t wrap my head around it. It’s like, when you find out something about a person and it completely changes everything you’ve known for your entire relationship. 3,153 more words

Vegas Run


             I recall feeling excited, as I watched my neighborhood in the south Chicago suburbs dwindle below the wing of the Southwest Air 737.  I was heading to Las Vegas for the first time as an adult, attending a legal seminar and intending to check off this item from my personal “bucket list.”  I would be in “Sin City” four days, and largely on my own, to experience and explore. 981 more words