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Hey, Mr. Thompson

In your life, Mr. Thompson, you were
larger than,
And in your death, Mr. Thompson, you are even greater.
Surviving a tsunami of LSD drenched bats, 131 more words


A Little More Pie?

I need to apologize.

“Frank” the honest editor contacted me again, asking me to clarify in my blog on his services.

Frank explained that he isn’t in fact offering to “review” my book, but as he clarified, the $2500 would be “for concrete recommendations, for solving the problems and creating a new outline, for new character development, new story material, and a credible denouement now missing.” 303 more words

The people I admire? Never driven by ambition but only by hunger or passion or need

“I know I wouldn’t hesitate to upload a person that I loved” tells Johnny.


In a very recent interview appeared these days “EN Interview 2 – Hollywood royalty and ageless heartthrob “ 1,795 more words


You can’t call yourself a proper writer if you haven’t at least once been up at an obscene hour, drunk with a cigarette in your mouth, singing along in tears to The Smiths and scribbling in a diary. 542 more words

Intimate In Sight

Sex without love is as hollow and ridiculous as love without sex.

― Hunter S. Thompson

One of the most logical things a man can say. 510 more words

Striking Resemblance

“I knew a Buddhist once, and I’ve hated myself ever since.” HST

A Story About Drugs (Not a Lifetime Movie)

If there’s one thing I learned that night it’s that Halloween is the best night of the year to do psychedelic drugs. I was in my third year of college going through a long break up with a serious case of the fuck-it-alls. 2,104 more words