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The 12 Days of Anime Christmas – Day 5: Shooting the Breeze

In the song 12 Days of Christmas the fifth day is always the one people take a breath on and is also the second most memorable day behind the first day. 305 more words


On the Fifth Day of Anime: Feeling Like a Kid Again (Hunter X Hunter)

Long-running shounen anime had fallen out of favor for me pretty early into my anime fandom. After realizing that I had wasted my time on the entirety of Naruto and the first 90 or so episodes of Bleach (whenever the first filler arc ended, can’t be bothered to check), I made it very clear to myself that I needed to find better things to invest my time in. 935 more words

12 Days Of Anime

12 Days of Anime #4 - Surprise X Surprise

I’ve never been a fan of long running shonen series. Even as my fellow nerdy, socially maladjusted middle schoolers were all drooling over Dragonball Z… 311 more words


[Hunter x Hunter] Macho Biscuit Figure Confirmed

By Sean Effendi

Earlier this year, Premium Bandai offered orders for the Kakusei Gon figure, which was the figure that was a little bit over 300mm because of his hair.   64 more words



Can’t we just take a moment and say that MeruemXKomugi is the best ship EVER💖


The 12 Days of Anime Christmas – Day 1: Like a Junkyard Dog

This is going to end spectacularly bad :P . Last year I had most of my twelve days of Christmas posts and my Secret Santa review written at this point of the month. 312 more words


Halloween Quest Reflections

I know this is a super belated post since it’s already mid-way through November, but in case any of you are still curious- here are some recaps from our awesome Halloween Quest party :) 428 more words