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Hunter x Hunter Episode One Hundred Six

Another episode, and Gon and Killua are missing again. Instead, the focus is on Knov and Morel, who continue their preparations for an attack on the Chimera Ant palace. 318 more words


Hunter x Hunter Episodes One Hundred Four and One Hundred Five

One of the plotlines from last episode gets resolved as Morel is able to defeat Cheetu through creative use of his bong smoke power and the fact that Cheetu is a certifiable moron. 396 more words


Hunter x Hunter Episode 148 and Final Thoughts


Killua and Gon part ways, perhaps for good given the current pace of the manga. Ging acts like a father for the first time in the series. 1,695 more words


Hunter x Hunter Episodes One Hundred Two and One Hundred Three

It looks like Hunter x Hunter is going to be juggling three storylines for a bit. First up, it’s Gon and his new Chimera Ant friend, Meleoron. 510 more words


Looking At The Abandoned Shows #4

Let’s finish up the rest of the finales for the summer, shall we? 599 more words


Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Autor original: Yoshihiro Togashi (história baseada em um mangá)
Direção: Hiroshi Koujina
Estúdio: Madhouse
Episódios: 148
Lançamento: 2 de Outubro de 2011 a 24 de Setembro de 2014… 266 more words

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Babbling about Hunter x Hunter

Kinda, but not really, a review sort of thing about the 2011 version of the Hunter x Hunter anime, which ended recently.

I went into this series knowing nothing about it except that a friend liked it. 3,405 more words

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