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Hunter x Hunter Episodes One Hundred Thirty-Two and One Hundred Thirty-Three

Meruem, ‘Pouf, and ‘Youpi arrive in the King’s old chamber, or what remains of it. ‘Pouf’s earlier attempts to make all of the evidence of Komugi’s existence seems to have worked, as Meruem does not remember her. 266 more words


Hunter x Hunter Episode One Hundred Thirty-One

I know I said I’d be doing two-a-days the rest of the way. I lied. This episode deserves its own post. Because this is the episode that broke several people I follow on Twitter when it aired and convinced me to start this project in the first place almost five months ago. 429 more words


#009 - All Things Geeky: Anime Ops & Eds

A brutal Pokémon with pressurised water jets on its shell. They are used for high speed tackles.

I really thought I’d be on Pikachu or something by now.

1,909 more words

Hunter x Hunter Episodes One Hundred Twenty-Nine and One Hundred Thirty

On the way back to the palace with Meruem, ‘Pouf continues to try to find a way to kill Komugi so that the King does not remember her. 337 more words


#006 - Fanmix: All X For X You [Hunter x Hunter]

HOLA! It’s time to mix it up. Ha, I’m really not funny. 

So, I thought it was about time I made a Hunter x Hunter mix. 692 more words


Hunter x Hunter: Episodes One Hundred Twenty-Five and One Hundred Twenty-Six

All right, real quick through the less important stuff. Knuckle shows up to the ‘Pouf, ‘Pitou, and Gon party, where ‘Pouf feels he’s no longer interested in being there. 347 more words


Hunter x Hunter Episode One Hundred Twenty-Four

This will probably be my last one-episode post. From here on out, it will be two per day until the finale. And while I wish I could say that a lot happened in this one episode, that would not be true. 425 more words